Men's disease

Possible injury of the penis in men and treatment

genital area is responsible for human reproduction.The perineum is focusing a lot of nerve endings that signal the danger if you get hit by him.Increased pain due to the fact that many injuries in the groin accompanies severe swelling that occurs due to the fact that the bulk of the penis is composed of the corpora cavernosa, similar in structure to a sponge, to grow in size during erection.The corpus cavernosa are huge veins that constantly chased by themselves scarlet liquid circulation in them compared with a finger amplified 150 times.It is with this in the preparation of injuries of the penis, they are accompanied by profuse bleeding.The body shall take all measures to stop the bleeding on their own, in this regard, and there is swelling, compressing blood vessels, but at the same time with this protective reaction of the pain increases.

bruise the penis

Bruises are common injuries of the penis.Men can suffer serious blows, usually in sporting activities, for example, during the struggle, while
cycling or playing football.Therefore, if a man is interested in sports, then the occupation it is recommended to wear a special shell that protects the groin.Trauma is the most secure indoor injury.Soreness saved depending on the force of the impact, if had received minor injuries, the pain begins to subside within 10-15 minutes after the impact, and there is no reason to worry.Every boy knows that in the preparation of such injury or the need to jump squat on their heels.This is due to the fact that in the feet and especially in heels has reflex connection with the perineum and the pelvic area, and massage them or rubbing occurs analgesic effect.
bumps, which entails tunica anguish, the pain will be all the time to grow as a man would not try to squat because under his skin blood congestion occurs, thereby producing a moderate swelling.But this option is not the most terrible.With a strong and a blow aimed at the male penis, possible fracture of the corpus cavernosum.Internal bleeding in this case is abundant, and the penis becomes a huge size.15 minutes under the skin can collect up to half a liter of blood, and the term becomes dark blue or even black.Because of this blood loss can appear painful or hemorrhagic shock.In this case, you can not delay the provision of medical care, such as the injury could be life-threatening.If you experience swelling of moderate to severe degree of need to call an ambulance.To hold out until the doctor arrives, you should try to stop the bleeding.This is done as follows: the penis firmly pressed to the stomach and secured with a bandage or towel.On a member you need to make a cold, this water can be used, ice or any products taken from the freezer.Low temperature is able to stop the bleeding and reduce swelling.In winter, the ice should be kept from 45 to 50 minutes in the summer - up to 2 hours.And during that time you need to take to a urologist.If you can not get to a doctor within the specified time, the ice should be kept longer, making periodic breaks.

wounds on the penis

Wounds can be obtained as a result of injury from a traumatic weapons, animal bite, etc.At the same time on the penis or scrotum has a wound surface, very severe pain and external bleeding.Bleeding may face hemorrhagic shock.If injuries can not delay seeking medical help, such as the trauma of the penis can lead to the death of a man.Depending on what the value and location of the injury, it is possible amputation of the penis.To avoid this, you need first aid, which is as follows:
  • imposition of sterile dressings for exclusion of infection;
  • tug wounds tourniquet to stop the bleeding.Overtighten should be below the injured area.Rewind the rope can be a member, a scarf, a belt of his robe.If possible, treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide.In order to prevent disruption of the flow of blood in the winter harness need to shoot for half a minute every half hour in the summer - every hour.Before the arrival of an ambulance can take pain medication but dipyrone because it thins the blood, respectively, increased its loss.

Burn penis

Burns penis rather rare.If, however, there was trouble, the first thing is to call "ambulance."Burn the genitals of any degree is an indication for hospitalization.What should I do before the doctor arrives, you will be able to advise you on the phone.

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