Men's disease

Reduced levels of testosterone in the male body

Reduced levels of testosterone in men can cause infertility.Testosterone is the main hormone in the body of an adult male.

low testosterone levels may be associated with taking medications that help reduce testosterone, disease, injury.As we approach the old men gradually there is a decrease in testosterone levels.When men lose testosterone in adulthood, they have lost interest in sex life, or lack of erection.These symptoms may be caused by other reasons.

If testosterone levels decreased, the obligatory consultation with a doctor.In order to know the level of testosterone is necessary to take a blood test.At low levels the doctor will find out the cause, and this requires time.If you have any problem, you must start with a visit to an endocrinologist or urologist.

How to increase testosterone in men

Raise the hormone testosterone in men in several ways, one of them - the treatment of hormone therapy.However, it should be borne in mind that the end is not known how longterm effect replacement thera

py.All the risks and benefits of this treatment you will be able to tell your doctor.

Hormone therapy aims to ensure that the body received more testosterone, whereby the level is filled.This procedure is not recommended for men who are in old age.

Male infertility

Many couples have problems conceiving children.In 40% of cases the cause of infertility is male.Most men think that if they have a potency that's all right, then infertility in the family can not be associated with his health.But it is not.It often happens that men with poor sperm potency fertility is good, and vice versa.Under male fertile understand the body's ability to participate effectively in the reproduction of healthy offspring.In order to make this process a man should not have problems with erectile dysfunction, the body must be played the number of sperm which is sufficient to achieve its egg.Sperm must have the correct shape and implement the movement in the right direction.Thus, male fertility can be associated with the occurrence of the problem of form, and the concentration of sperm movement.

man has the sense to consult a doctor with the problem of infertility if he has frequent intercourse for 6-12 months without the use of any contraceptive, and it does not become pregnant.If during tests it is known that infertility is caused by the presence of fertility problems in men, it is possible to solve a problem.Currently, there is an effective method of treatment that uses diet, taking vitamins and natural supplements.

Male fertility male fertility negatively affect the following factors:

  • state of stress;
  • narcotic drugs;
  • smoking;
  • ecology;
  • food that does not contain amino acids, vitamins, zinc and selenium;
  • tight underwear;
  • use a number of medications, including anti-depressants, sleeping pills;
  • existence of violations occurring at the genetic level;
  • presence of health problems, bearing a different character.

Thus, in an article carried familiarity with the male hormone testosterone, the causes of which can be caused by lowered its level, as well as symptoms that suggest a man that is a problem.Should not delay treatment with your doctor, because the earlier you contact someone for help, the more likely that the problem can be dealt with within no long period of time.