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Preparations for the treatment of yeast infection in men

Thrush is a fungal disease that affects the skin and mucous genitals.Name of disease due to the fact that when there are specific selection having white color.Thrush is most often found in women, but there is a probability of its occurrence in men.Thrush occurs because of the fungi present in the body of any person.But if there are certain factors that are favorable for this fungus, it begins their intensive breeding.These fungi called Candida, therefore in the medical literature disease called candidiasis.
Candidiasis is not a threat to human life, but the disease can occur chronically, relapses often occur.In addition, the thrush has very unpleasant symptoms.In most cases, the appearance of candidiasis is not associated with intercourse, though through it can also be transmitted.

treatment of thrush in men

drugs for the treatment of yeast infections in men are different from drugs used by women.If a woman appeared thrush, we have to be treated together with a man, becauseit is likely that the di
sease was transmitted to man through sexual intercourse.Therefore, detection of yeast infection in women, men also have to be examined and, if necessary, be given treatment of thrush.
  • When Candida balanoposthitis (defeat of the glans and foreskin) enough local treatment.Apply cream with clotrimazole .It is applied with a thin layer on the glans penis and foreskin 2 times / day for 5-7 days.
  • possible acute administration of fluconazole, 150 mg orally, but usually this is not necessary.Commercial names of fluconazole - Medoflyukon, Diflazon, Diflucan, Mikosist, Forkan, Flucostat .
Men are less likely to develop thrush due to the fact that they occur naturally washing away fungus urine from the urethra, and the fungi themselves poorly acclimatized to the male genitalia.Therefore, the diagnosis of this disease, men should keep in mind that this is a "wake-up call" that for some reason there was a decrease of immune protection of men.It is possible that this reduction is due to the presence of infection, which is transmitted through sexual intercourse.
the treatment of yeast infection in men in addition to topical medications provided by diet, which excludes salty, sweet, spicy food, alcoholic beverages.Throughout the course of treatment, doctors are advised to abstain from sex.To strengthen the immune recommended intake of certain vitamins complex.

symptoms of yeast infection in men

  • appearance of pain during intercourse;
  • emergence of a fairly strong odor;
  • presence of edema of the glans penis and foreskin;
  • of itching and burning;
  • appearance of white formations of plaque on the head member;
  • Observation redness in the genital area.
As a rule, treatment of thrush in men is topically applied cream with clotrimazole.The use of drugs is provided 2 times a day, they need to apply a thin layer on the foreskin and the glans penis.The duration of treatment of yeast infection in men is approximately one week.In some cases, fluconazole can be registered for a single application of 150 mg.
To exclude the re-emergence of thrush as well as for the prevention of diseases recommended strengthening their own immunity, respect for the microflora of the genital organs, compliance with the rules of hygiene.

Some facts about yeast infection in men

  • man can be a carrier of the fungus Candida, even if he does not have symptoms of thrush, it can also act as a source of infection for the woman if there was sexual contact;
  • Thrush is a recurrent disease, and can easily develop again after treatment.As mentioned above, the treatment of thrush should be carried out in both partners because it is a "family disease", otherwise there is no point in the treatment of one of the partners: the sexual act he re-infected;
  • Often thrush in men occurs during a woman's pregnancy, during pregnancy as in the genitals there are favorable conditions for the fungus Candida can multiply and during intercourse most of the fungus is transmitted to man.

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