What weakens the immune system ?Negative factors

Surely you know the situation: up early, cup of coffee instead of breakfast, bad weather, damp shoes, stress, and by the evening or tomorrow, there are signs of colds.And there is a little more seriously ill, and doctors immediately prescribe antibiotics.All this is slowly but surely weakens the immune system, which leads to frequent colds, which remains undertreated, becomes chronic.What is the reason and how to stop this vicious circle?

Negative factors weaken the immune system

with you for our immune system influence, it gradually weakening, so many negative factors: the bad environment, unbalanced diet, uncontrolled medications, electromagnetic radiation, a sedentary lifestyle, stress ...

Toxinsweaken the immune system in the body

city dweller today with air, food and water fall into the so-called toxins - cadmium, mercury, lead, aluminum, suppress the immune system.A cadmium thus also prevents the absorption of zinc - the main element that is needed for the body to maintain immunity.

lack of light weakens the immune system

lack of natural (day) light is also a problem for us.British scientists have proved that the development of certain protective factors depends on sunlight, promotes better assimilation of vitamin D, vital for the man and his immune system.Through sight we get the most information, and half the energy that the body produces, the eye goes to work.In winter, most of the day, we use artificial lighting, this greatly increases the fatigue of the visual apparatus, and as a result, we are more tired mentally and physically.Depressed mood that occurs for many in the autumn-winter period is also partly explained by the lack of adequate amount of sunlight.

electromagnetic radiation weakens the immune system

negative impact on our immunity and electromagnetic radiation.They penetrate into the human body because of the light, "daylight", various sources UHF radiation, radioactive sources.If possible, avoid close proximity to high-voltage power lines.Electromagnetic fields adversely affect the operation of some of the glands, brain function violate and undermine the immune system.Electromagnetic fields, in addition, affect the nervous system, creating a feeling of stress.

sedentary lifestyle weakens immunity

Physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle with shallow breathing and weaken the immune system.In the body decreases the amount of oxygen, impaired blood circulation - are all the conditions for immunity and reduction of chronic diseases.

Stress, fatigue and poor diet weakens immunity

Any violation of emotional balance, stress, lack of sleep and constant fatigue over time undermine our immune system, making us vulnerable to serious diseases.The same thing happens when the wrong diet.Excess weight on a par with the constant desire for harmony over a negative impact on our body's defenses.Exhausted steady diet the body is forced to put twice as much effort to resist viruses and bacteria, and in the case of constant overeating these forces go on the process of overwork heavy meals.

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