Bad habits greatly weaken the immune system

We all know that bad habits greatly weaken the immune system, but not all refuse from these addictions.Many people prefer to get rid catchphrase describing our mentality, "sweep!", But, for some reason, "carries" not all ...

So, the scientists prove that bad habits are the aggravating factors that reduce a person's life for a fewyears.People may not even notice how health gradually leaves them, and begin to beat panic only when really "pripechet"!The first indication of failures in the body is reduced immunity, which will be discussed in this article.

Smoking weakens the immune system

Let's begin, perhaps, with the most prevalent habit now, concerns not only men, but also women - smoking.Each smoked cigarette shortens your life by an average of 5 minutes, well, if you count all the "cigarette" that a person smoked in my life, in the end it turns terrifying figure!Immunity in this first suffers as poisons and toxins contained in resins nicotine are damaging effect on the organism.Naturally, the chan

ge in state of health is not immediately noticeable, but after some time has a weakened immune system makes itself known from various diseases and inflammatory processes in the body.Frequently, smoking not only causes diseases such as lung cancer, coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, but also contributes to the development of allergy and hypovitaminosis.Therefore, it is necessary to think several times before starting to smoke, as even the highest immunity over time will collapse like a colossus with feet of clay!

Alcohol weakens the immune system

Because bad habits greatly weaken the immune system, and the use of alcohol belongs to the enemies of the brightest immunity.Not everyone knows that even a small amount of alcohol taken with frequent basis can have a permanent impact on the immune system.In this case, inhibition of the immune system may trigger in the first place, the use of very strong alcoholic drinks, while the red wine drunk in small quantities, is a kind of immunostimulant, dilates blood vessels and contribute to the development of "good" cholesterol in the blood.Here's a double-edged sword!

Coffee lowers immunity

abuse of coffee can also trigger a low immunity, since caffeine is a negative effect on the cardiovascular system of the person.It is therefore necessary to drink coffee in small amounts and not more than once per day.

Drugs kill immunity

about the dangers of drugs is not worth mentioning, since everyone knows that drug abuse in the first place has immunity.Harmful substances contained in drugs, have a devastating effect on all organs and the whole body.Use of this muck provokes the development of complex diseases, as well as lowers the level of antibodies in the blood, resist viruses and infections.

from the above conclusion is that bad habits greatly weaken the immune system, so in order to maintain your health, you need to give them up once and for all!

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