How to boost immunity by proper nutrition

very important condition for maintaining immunity - proper nutrition.Have you ever noticed that if you eat coffee and sandwiches will soon be sure to catch a cold?In order to maintain its own immune system, you need to regularly provide the body with a variety of vitamins and minerals.Your diet must be juices, especially in winter and spring.You also can not ignore fruits and vegetables that are active sources of vitamins.Eating and only a couple of apples a day, you can protect yourself from many diseases.

Healthy food to enhance immunity

To maintain the immune system is very important that your table was diverse, containing the largest possible number of components.This is especially significant for those who follow a diet - in fact indulging in something, you can deprive your body of the element whose absence will affect the state of immunity.

Lack of vitamin C and A in the body reduces the protective properties of the response to the signal of the pathological condition, reduces the rate of pr

oduction of antibodies to fight infection.Vitamin C abound in all citrus fruits, rosehips, apples;vitamin A include yellow and red fruits and vegetables, in addition, the source of this vitamin are eggs and liver.The lack of B vitamins also lowers the rate raise antibodies in the body that triggers numerous infections and viruses.B vitamins are contained in excess in the products such as cheese, milk, yeast, fungi, or liver.

Several times a week the menu is desirable to include fish, and better boiled or stewed, as well as meat.Fried meat less digestible and contains carcinogens, which is a direct threat to the body.Very useful for the immune system deep-sea fish, such as salmon (salmon) or tuna.Fat such fish contains elements conducive to the development of the body's white blood cells.These elements are also purified artery plaques from cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of heart disease.And will please fans of Japanese cuisine - these useful ellementy preserved much better if the fish consumed raw.

important role in the metabolic processes of the human body takes zinc and selenium.Thanks zinc synthesized many enzymes, including slowing down the aging process.Selenium is a powerful immunostimulatory element having a wide range of effects on our body.The diet should be present products containing these substances - seafood, meat, nuts, eggs, cheese, garlic and cereals.Nuts - one of the best sources of natural amino fatty acids, which are necessary for the optimal functioning of the immune system.Vegetarians as well replace the nuts, meat and other animal products.Algae reduce blood cholesterol levels, neutralize toxins and radiation improve the overall immunity.Magnesium, sodium, potassium, lithium and copper - they are also important for preserving strong immunity.

becoming increasingly popular whole grain breads or bran with the addition of - and not in vain, because when grinding flour from grain separates the most valuable part.But the most useful grain - the grain seedlings!All the useful properties of the grain during germination are most active.

probiotic bacteria

specialists open at least one bacterium, which not only does not harm our body, but also facilitates many internal processes.Probiotic bacteria play a major role in digestion and helps maintain the immune system at the right level, stopping the growth of harmful organisms in the stomach.To replenish the body's probiotic drink every day "live" yogurt, yogurt or cheese.Recent studies show that if a day to drink 150 ml of buttermilk or yogurt enriched with beneficial bacteria, it reduces the risk of colds.Generally it is to use as much as possible products that enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body.There are a number of such "probiotic" products, they include onions and leeks, bananas, artichokes and garlic.

which weakens the immune system weakens immunity

products with high sugar content, so health is much more useful to replace the sweets and cakes on the sweetness of natural origin - dried figs, dried apricots, raisins, prunes and other dried fruits.

It is very important not to allow the systematic ingestion of toxic substances.It is better not to use for cooking with tap water (or install water-purifying filter in the kitchen).Water for cleaning is chlorinated, and in conjunction with other impurities (eg rust) may cause appreciable harm to health.There should be no smoking.Excessive alcohol intake and smoking weaken the immune system.

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