What to choose herbal immunomodulators ?

Now, when in the yard cold weather, many people ask themselves the question, what to choose herbal immunomodulators, in order to strengthen your body ?! In fact, the selection of healthy plants is very large, about the miraculous properties of many of them, you did not guess!

Onions and garlic improve immunity

take, at least, for example, the good old "couple" - the onion and garlic.What they should eat during epidemics of influenza and SARS, we know from childhood, but not everyone knows about their positive effects on the body.So, crushed head of garlic, a glass of kefir bathed at night turns into a health drink, which should take in 1 day 3 call.Onion, grated, and bathed in hot milk, will not only be a wonderful remedy for the common cold, but also a true elixir of health, enhance immunity.
Cranberry - another powerful immunomodulator, which is not sold in pharmacies, and grows outside.Morse of these juicy berries contain vitamin C is useful, without which the body is extremely difficult to fight

respiratory diseases.That is why doctors recommend that children drink this drink during epidemics of colds as a preventive or after an illness to restore the weakened immunity.

echinacea to enhance immunity

Continuing with the theme of which to choose herbal immunomodulators, impossible not to mention a very important plant in this area.The real "queen immunomodulators" can rightly be considered echinacea tincture of which are very helpful in such issues as improving immunity.It is enough to take a few drops a day, in order to significantly reduce the risk of viral and infectious diseases, as well as to improve their health.

Beans - plant immunomodulator

Few people know that the usual beans is also included in the list of named herbal immunomodulators.The fact is that the beans and pods of this plant selection interfirona provoke in the human body, and this protein is one of the main "builders" of the immune system.It is therefore recommended to use the beans to eat as often as possible, so that during the winter cold did not pick up a cold at the first draft.

Rosehip improves immunity

Another active immunomodulator can be called a rose, or rather, its fruit.These little berries contain a huge variety of useful substances with pharmacological action.For example, 2 tablespoons of dried rose hips, filled with 1 liter of boiling water, after a night turned into a curative medicine, deduces toxins from the body, restoring the kidneys and strengthens the weakened immune system.

agave and aloe to weakened immunity

aloe or aloe, too, is a plant from the group "immunonomodulyatory."Its juice is diluted with honey has tremendous healing properties for many diseases.It is enough to drip 3-4 drops of juice of agave in a teaspoon of honey and take 1 inward once a day for a week.The effect will amaze you, definitely!

Well, here we are with you and figure out what to choose herbal immunomodulators, in order to strengthen their immune system at the time of colds and epidemics.We hope that these tips will come in your favor, dear readers!

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