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Aloe from the common cold and cough

Almost every cuisine you can see such plants as aloe.It is not widespread because of its appeal, just Aloe is a good helper in the fight against various diseases.Not for nothing, this plant is called "Doctor."Aloe vera has anti-fungal, anti-tumor, immunomodulatory, wound healing, antiseptic and analgesic properties.This plant is used in a cold, cold, burns, arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes and other ailments.And you can be sure that in a cold season, the personal doctor has a family, which lives in the apartment of aloe.

aloe in the treatment of the common cold

used to treat runny adult juice of the aloe plant.We obtained immediately prior to use juice greatest nutritional value, so it is not necessary to procure it for future use.

To prepare the tincture of aloe vera to treat the common cold is necessary to cut off the outside plant succulent leaves, wash well with him, wrapped in tissue paper and two or three days to put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.During this time, it activates all usef

ul substances, and treatment is more effective.

leaves that are on the outside of the plant, more mature, they contain more minerals and antioxidants.

matured leaf was removed from the refrigerator and ground in a blender or grater, then put in a glass container and pour alcohol in the ratio one part aloe five parts alcohol.The container is then placed for ten days in a dark place.

In the case of the common cold or cold, this infusion will help restore power, it should also be taken as a preventive measure during infectious diseases.

Alcohol tincture of aloe should be taken cautiously, half a teaspoon up to two times a day and be sure to drink water.For instillation into the nose infusion must be in the ratio of one to one diluted with water.When a bad cold enough to drip into each nostril two drops.Using a solution of tincture should not overdo it, because the internal sinuses may develop excessive dryness or happen to burn.

Aloe to treat cough

Aloe is an effective remedy for cough.To get rid of this disease, is preparing a mixture of 375 ml of aloe juice, 600 grams of honey and 675 grams of red wine, such as Cabernet.Juice should squeeze out of a four-leaf aloe, but before they are cut, the plant five days are not watered.All components are placed in an enamel bowl and mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon, and then placed on five days in a cool dark place.Capacity with the contents must be periodically shaken.The mixture must be taken on a teaspoon three times a day before meals.

Aloe also helps with bronchitis.To prepare the medical mixture should be cut off the lower leaves of the plant, rinse well with them, chop and squeeze the juice.The juice is added to honey in the ratio of five milliliters of aloe juice per gram honey.This mixture - an excellent remedy for severe inflammation of the larynx and nasopharynx, trachea, bronchi.Take it should be three times a day one teaspoon (to food).

If ENT diseases, SARS and catarrhal diseases, a simple but effective tool.Three hundred grams of aloe leaves are passed through a meat grinder, add to them two or three tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and three tablespoons of honey.The components are thoroughly mixed.The mixture is used to eating three times a day for one teaspoon.

If you are suffering from a cold, rhinitis, tonsillitis and other diseases of the nasopharynx, it can drip fresh aloe juice in the nostrils every three hours with five drops of adults and four children drops.In two or three drops drips kiddies up to three years.

If the aloe in the house does not grow, you can search for pharmacies aloe extract, which can be used to treat the common cold and cough.Aloe is a yellowish liquid, it can be instilled into the nose, even small children.

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