Infectious diseases

Causes of dysentery in children and adults , the way of infection

Dysentery is an infectious intestinal disease that is divided into medicine for bacterial and amebic, that is, shigellosis and amebiasis.In Russia, the disease is quite rare.For early diagnosis and early treatment of dysentery, you must be aware of the symptoms of dysentery in children and in adults.Causes of dysentery in children and adults, the way of infection from this disease.

Modes of transmission of dysentery in children and adults

as a source of dysentery are usually the people who suffer from chronic or acute forms of the disease, as well as bacillicarriers.In the case of the acute form of dysentery patients most contagious during the first few days of illness.The duration of the acute form is about 3 months, during which time does not stop bacteria.In the case of chronic dysentery Shigella the person may be released only during periods of exacerbations, length of a dysentery is more than 3 months.

most unpredictable and dangerous bakterinositelyami are persons with oligosymptomatic course

of dysentery, as well as in case of infection or blurred light it forms when the disease is not clearly expressed, and the person produces bacteria that cause dysentery.

Way dysentery infection in children and adults can only be fecal-oral, that is:

  • water in which in most cases is transferred dysentery Flexner;
  • food, which is transmitted Sonne dysentery;
  • contact-household, through which passed dysentery Grigorieva - Shiga.

Causes dysentery in children and adults

Dysentery in children and adults occurs because of non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, eating contaminated food.Infection dysentery through everyday objects, if they have been infected feces when non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.The reasons for the infection of dysentery in children and adults is an interaction through the water, flies, food products, particularly dairy products, dirty hands, unwashed fruits and vegetables, household items used by the sick person.

There is a high susceptibility to dysentery in humans.However, it does not depend on sex and age, but it most often dysentery affected preschool children, because they often do not have the required hygiene practices.

The causes of dysentery in children and adults is also the presence of precipitating factors, for example, highlighted the increase in the susceptibility to intestinal diseases in the presence of chronic or acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as intestinal dysbiosis.

Most dysentery develops in the warm season, as the external environment has a positive impact on the activation and proliferation of the causative agent.

In the external environment pathogen can remain active up to 1.5 months, and if he gets on some products, particularly dairy products, and is able to reproduce.Dysentery begins to occur after falls in the digestive tract of Shigella, and then begins his breeding, selection into the bloodstream pathogen poisons.These toxins have negative effects on blood circulation, blood vessels, liver, intestinal wall and the central nervous system.Because inflammation arising in the mucosa of the small intestine may be formed in the intestine of deep ulcers.

Prevention of dysentery in children and adults

Dysentery can be prevented if the following measures to prevent the disease in children and adults:

  • personal hygiene, washing hands after using the toilet, streets, before eating;
  • not buy food in places of spontaneous trade.When you buy perishable foods, should pay attention to storage conditions and shelf life;
  • avoiding eating foods, expired, and the products stored outside the refrigerator;
  • thorough washing of vegetables and fruit under running water and rinse them with boiled water;
  • swimming only in those waters, where it is allowed.Avoid swallowing water while diving;
  • to abandon the acquisition of melons on a cut.

Today, as an effective prevention of bacterial dysentery in favor of vaccination.Vaccination is advisable to put all the people traveling around the country, socio-economic and health development in which the poor, as well as those working in the field of public amenities and public catering.Vaccination should be carried out once.