A healthy diet to strengthen the children's immunity

Perhaps every mom would agree that a healthy diet to strengthen the children's immunity - a key aspect in the upbringing of a healthy and strong baby.It is no secret that a little more people exposed to infection than adults, especially when it comes to changing environmental conditions.The first trip to the kindergarten or school is almost always accompanied by a variety of diseases of the child, the doctors called acclimatization.It was at this time a child than ever necessary to strengthen immunity.To begin this important matter is to power, as what your kid eats, depends directly on his health.So, what products are most preferred to strengthen the immunity of your offspring?

Healthy Eating for strong immunity

First, a healthy diet should be rich products that contain proteins, carbohydrates and fats.In addition, the child must be sure to have breakfast in the morning and not eat cold food snack patty in the school cafeteria.Hot - is an important component in the diet of any child, so he had to ea

t lunch, soup or soup, as well as porridge or other garnish.That is the correct and balanced diet like nothing else affects the increasing immunity of the growing organism.

Kashi for a strong immune system of the child

Since you and I spoke about the porridge, it is worth to say about the benefits of each.It is this simple dish contains a lot of useful minerals, carbohydrates and fiber, which are so necessary to the kid.So, buckwheat includes calcium, iodine, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, fluorine, and in addition to all of these "useful" it perfectly satisfies hunger.Serve this "queen of cereals" can be anything as it is delicious in any form.

Equally helpful is a healthy diet to strengthen the children's immunity as wheat.It contains minerals, vitamins, as well as phosphorus and iron.Barley porridge is also a storehouse of nutrients, it is necessary growing organism.It is enough to include it in the children's diet once a week for child's immune system was normal.Rice is very rich in amino acids, calcium, iron, iodine and zinc, so the risotto and rice porridge should be in the menu of your child.

Vegetables and fruit for the good of the child immunity

addition to cereals, the child needed fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins.Vegetables containing carotene (carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes) are very useful for strengthening the immune system, and berries (cranberries, cranberries, currants) are the richest source of vitamin C. It is not necessary to refuse a child in apples, as they are well-toxins, while grapesIt contains an enormous variety of useful antioxidants.

Meat and fish for a strong immune

It should also be remembered that meat and fish should be an integral part of the child's diet, as they are rich in vitamins, not found in other products.Chicken breast, lean beef, seafood - an excellent source of protein, but also very delicious and nutritious treats for a growing body.Well strengthen immunity Chicken and beef liver, containing vitamins B6 and A.

dairy products for strong immunity

Dairy products are rich in calcium, necessary for bone formation and teeth.That is why the child should frequently eat cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, drinking milk, kefir and yogurt, because without these healthy foods to strengthen children's immune system is not considered as such.

Thus, we have learned with you, what should be the proper nutrition of the child so that his immunity has always been strong and sturdy!

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