Infectious diseases

Methods of diagnosis of HPV

for the diagnosis of HPV can use one of the following methods or a combination of several techniques:

  • conducting clinical examination;
  • perform cervical cytology Pap smears;
  • colposcopy;
  • perform a biopsy of the cervix;
  • histological study;
  • implementation papillomaviruses typing using polymerase chain reaction (PCR);
  • DIGENE perform the test.

The most effective methods include molecular genetic diagnosis - PCR and implementation DIGENE test.

Clinical examination at

For HPV HPV is characterized by typical clinical picture, focusing on which doctors can be found all kinds of warts, genital warts.In the case of anogenital warts while HPV required to conduct clinical examination of the cervix.If there is evidence to exclude endouretralnye warts, provides for implementation of ureteroscopy.

cytology HPV when HPV

When one of the diagnostic methods is to perform cytology cervical Pap smears.When cytology smear revealed morphological changes in the cells, including those related to HPV.

method is considered to be non-specific with respect to the infection, which is caused by viruses of high oncogenic risk using it possible to identify cases of mild dysplasia associated with HPV nizkoonkogennymi.To a large extent the quality of the result depends on the skill of the doctor-cytologist, as well as on what has been chosen method of coloring.The accuracy of cytological testing depends on the method of collection of material, cooking techniques smears qualification laboratory.

colposcopy if HPV

If HPV is not observed the presence of a specific set of symptoms of HPV infection in the performance of colposcopy.The most characteristic colposcopy signs of subclinical forms of HPV are:

  • detection atsetobelogo epithelium;
  • presence of mosaic;
  • presence punktatsii;
  • occurrence of abnormal transformation zone.

to the expression (gross) colposcopy signs of HPV are:

  • detect coarse leukoplakia;
  • presence of coarse mosaic and punctuation.

For small colposcopy signs of HPV are:

  • occurrence thin leukoplakia;
  • presence of delicate mosaic and punctuation.

biopsy of the cervix in the HPV

Under a biopsy of the cervix is ​​understood lifetime fence a small volume of tissue vaginal part of the cervix for diagnostic purposes to enable a microscopic examination.

purpose of a biopsy of the cervix is ​​the identification of morphological verification of the proposed clinical diagnosis.Under the biopsy should be understood that all the manipulations are carried out under the control of the microscope.

Histological examination when HPV

Using histological method of investigation of HPV when given the opportunity to definitive diagnosis in the detection of cervical pathology.

Typing papillomavirus HPV during

When papillomaviruses HPV typing by using polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

PCR has a high diagnostic significance and using it possible to identify certain types of HPV.PCR is the most accurate of all the possible methods to detect the infection in humans.PCR diagnostics reveals directly the pathogen or part thereof, even in very low concentrations, so that PCR is considered the most sensitive and accurate.

DIGENE test with HPV

DIGENE test is performed when HPV is a study, has a very high sensitivity.With the help of this study is possible to detect HPV, determine its type and belonging to the High risk group or nizkoonkogennoy and fixing clinically relevant concentrations in the tissues.

Conduct DIGENE test is recommended to perform screening in women over the age of 30 years, as well as the uncertainty of the results PAP-test.

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