Folk remedies

Treatment of bay leaves in traditional medicine

Bay leaf is the well-known spice, gives dishes a bitter taste, and sugary-sweet smell.In order to find medical application leaves, laurel oil and fruit plants.With therapeutic purposes it is necessary to use high quality raw materials from the plant should come strong flavor and leaves should be olive green.Before you apply a plant, you need to go through the leaves and rinse them in cold water.Consider a possible treatment bay leaves in traditional medicine.

Medicinal properties leafs

Bay leaf has the ability to remove toxins from the body, improve immunity.Volatile aromatic substances laurel suppressed the development of tubercle bacillus.Because the bay leaf is rich in essential oils, tannins, bitterness, organic acids, it is widely used in folk medicine to improve digestion, increase appetite, treatment of joints, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and as a diuretic.Due to the high content of fintotsidov, laurel is used for the prevention of tuberculosis.Application of oil extracts justified in paral
ysis, rheumatism and colds.
Bay leaf is useful in case of intestinal colic, indigestion.They effectively treated sore throat, colds, it can be used during cold for disinfection of premises.Lavrushka very good for arthritis and osteochondrosis.Bay leaf is an excellent tool in the treatment and prevention of hysteria.Laurel oil can be used for rubbing the bruises and sprains, relieving pain in the ears.Good results show cleaning procedures for removing salts from joints.In cosmetology bay leaf is used to improve hair growth, dandruff treatment, against enlarged pores and oily skin.In addition, Lavrushka used in the treatment of diabetes.

Traditional recipes treatment bay leaf

to relieve pain in the joints and arthritis treatment, detoxification and salt to clean the joints need to take 5 grams.leaves, put them in an enamel pan, pour 300 ml of water and simmer for 5 minutes.Then pour into a thermos pot or wrap well and leave for 3-5 hours.Strain the resulting liquid and drink in small sips throughout the day, then cook fresh broth to drink for 3 days.The procedure was repeated after a week of treatment.In the first year of a course provided once a quarter, then 1 per year.In the days when you drink a decoction of bay leaf, to exclude alcohol and eat vegetarian food.
In diabetes, you need to fill in a thermos and pour 10 leaves 3 tbsp.boiling water, let stand for 2-3 hours.Drink 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.Make a break for 2 weeks every 2 weeks.
In renal failure need to boil over high heat 1 tspchopped leaves in 2 cups of water, let stand for 2 hours, drink 2 times a day for 1 tablespoon
for the treatment of psoriasis need 10 large leaves placed in a thermos and pour 500 ml of boiling water, let stand for 2 hours.Drink ½ st.3 times a day 20 minutes before meals, pre-filter.
the treatment of diseases of the joints, cramps, bedsores, paralysis to pour 200 ml of linseed or sunflower oil 30 g of crushed leaves, let stand in warm place for 7, 10 days, strain.Designed for outdoor use.
When stomatitis chew fresh Lavrushka.
In order to enhance the immune system and strengthen the body need to take the broth for cooking which to pour 300 ml boiling water 5 g lavrushki leaves, boil for 5 minutes.Let it brew for 3 hours strain and drink throughout the day in small portions.Repeat after 2 days, then take a break for 2 weeks and repeat the course.

Contraindications leafs

To use a bay leaf there are few contraindications, which include:
- pregnancy;
- lactation;
- presence of bleeding tendency to rise;
- the presence of constipation;
- glomerulonephritis;
- the presence of amyloidosis (violation of protein metabolism).

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