Infectious diseases

Comprehensive treatment of sepsis

Sepsis is a common infectious disease usually arises due to the fact that somewhere in the body there is a local infectious process.Sepsis is a severe infection, with which you can postpone death.The mortality rate has been reduced several times due to the use of antibiotics.Treatment of sepsis should be complex.If a person has reduced the protective properties of the local barriers and general immunity, the disease can be followed by severe complications, which may themselves be a source of infection and cause death or profound disability sick.

sepsis Sepsis should be treated comprehensively with the therapy includes antibacterial, surgical and restorative measures.Comprehensive treatment of sepsis should be started immediately, it should not be waiting for laboratory and other results that will confirm the diagnosis.In addition, in the case of active treatment early diagnosis will be updated in a timely manner.Patients with suspected sepsis should always be hospitalized.

Conservative treatment of

as conservative treatment of sepsis advocates antimicrobial therapy, which takes into account the sensitivity to antibiotics of microbial flora.If these data are not available, it should be initiated treatment with antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action.Such antibiotics include tetracycline, erythromycin, tetraolean, dosage and use of which shall be prescribed by a doctor.

to treat all types of sepsis is important to conduct the topical treatment of the inflammatory focus, which served as the source of sepsis.Since the increased stability of the microbial flora to antibiotics, it is advisable to be used simultaneously with antibiotics sulfa drugs.

defenses septic patients can be enhanced through the implementation of the transfusion of blood and blood components;the injection of gamma globulin, use of vitamins.If there arrozirovannyh bleeding from blood vessels, provided that the product of ligation of the bleeding vessel in the wound or through the introduction of vikasola intramuscularly, topically - the use of hemostatic sponge.Extensive use is made of antipyretics, antihistamines (eg, diphenhydramine), heart medications - Korglikon, strophanthin.

addition, parenterally must enter the liquid in large quantity in the form of salt solutions is shown drinking liquids, for which use alkaline mineral water.To reduce intoxication and hemodynamic support shown macromolecular pour intravenous solutions.

Surgical treatment of sepsis

Surgical treatment of sepsis in a timely manner is necessary to open the purulent streaks in the focus of purulent inflammation, so there is the possibility of a beneficial effect on the disease and speed up recovery.Of great importance is the timely detection of additional foci of infection during dressings medical staff and examination of the patient.In the case of wound sepsis is important to establish the progressive development of an infection with the formation of abscesses, pockets and streaks, the signs of anaerobic infections, etc.Through observation of patients, analysis and comparison of general and local changes during the development of the disease and may prompt the use of necessary surgical interventions.

septic patients must comply with mostly protein diet, in which the mean consumption of dishes made of cottage cheese, fish, meat.It should be high-calorie, vitamin and mechanically gentle, varied and delicious.Before you eat, you should consume hydrochloric acid or an aphrodisiac.

Prevention of sepsis

The principles of prevention of sepsis is timely and correct treatment of inflammatory lesions, which can serve as a source of the disease.Great value belongs to health education, when explaining the dangers of self-medication during early treatment and the need to see a doctor when receiving minor injuries of the foot and hand, inflammatory processes occur with different localization (boils, panaritiums et al.).

Significantly holding early proper treatment of casual wounds, a meaningful treatment of various purulent diseases.

When prevention of post-abortion sepsis important health education, awareness about the unacceptability and the great danger of unsafe abortions.Some importance in the prevention of disease and belongs to the timely implementation of rehabilitation centers of a chronic infection in the body (osteomyelitis, chronic tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis, carious teeth, etc..)

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