Signs of impaired immunity

Outside fierce winter, which means that the epidemic of colds is not far off.People with a reduced immune response first "take the fire itself," because the protective functions of the body in such a state are almost zero.How can that be, and how to notice the first signs of a weakened immune system, the body will score before the alarm in the form of inflammation and pain?Try to understand together!

Symptoms of low immunity

If you have noticed that the sick 5-6 times a year colds, it is the first sign that your immune system is very weakened.Allergy is also a "bell" of a weak immune system, as well as the constant feeling of fatigue, weakness, and fever.Frequent fungal infections and also say that the reserves of the body are in critical condition and needed help to recover.

order to weakened immunity again bounced back, you need to follow three main criteria: good nutrition, proper rest and moderate physical activity.By following these rules, you will not complain of discomfort for any trifle, a

nd colds become isolated cases rather than the traditional state within a year.

weak immune system due to malnutrition

If you notice signs of a weakened immune system itself, it is not necessary to wait until the disease begin to overcome your body from all sides.In this case, you need to act, and the sooner the better!For a start, it is necessary to review your diet.Often, the reason for the decrease of immunity is an unhealthy diet, as well as violations of the meal.Remember that you have to eat breakfast, but not a cup of coffee and a cigarette, and a full range of products that contain beneficial vitamins and minerals.Boiled egg, toast, cereal, juice, yogurt or a piece of cheese would be a wonderful start to the day.It is noteworthy that the regular consumption of fermented milk products significantly improves the immune system and restore intestinal flora.In addition to yogurt, kefir, milk, yogurt and cheese, you can take probiotics, which are sold in any drugstore.They will help settle the stomach beneficial bacteria, and therefore enhance a weak immune system.

immunomodulators to enhance immunity

Immunostimodulyatory - a great tool for restoring low immunity.These are plants such as echinacea, St. John's wort and geranium.You can drink the infusion of these herbs, or in a dried form to add them to the tea.The effect of taking these wonder herbs stunning because a few days after the start of treatment can feel a significant improvement of health.

Stress and fatigue reduced immunity

Keep in mind that signs of a weakened immune system may occur after severe stress or prolonged fatigue.That is why many doctors asserting that it is not necessary to expose your body testing, which he can not do.Avoid prolonged work at the computer, as well as limit contact with people who may provoke you to negative emotions.If this fails, have a drink infusion of soothing herbs.Remember that valerian and motherwort much safer than anti-depressants that are prescribed for "running" stages of stress.

Laugh often, as scientists proved that laughter not only prolongs the life and improves mood, but also helps to restore the weakened immunity.The good kind or a benefit comedy favorite humorist - a panacea for the blues, and the broken state.Laugh to your health!