Infectious diseases

Treatment of HPV in men

HPV is the most common infection in the world.It may be a long time in the body of a man, and yet they will not provoke illness.This is dangerous because of virus that may cause disease at any time, as well as the fact that about half of the types of HPV are carcinogenic, that is, over time, they can lead to cancer.The virus is the introduction into the cell causes it to share with the viral particles than provokes inflammation.Depending on the type of virus, they are caused by these or other lesion.Consider how the treatment of HPV in men.

Treatment of HPV in men

to treat HPV in men is necessary to use local destructive methods and use drugs.None of the therapeutic method it is impossible to fully get rid of the virus, but doctors have the opportunity to cure the patient from the external manifestations of HPV and reduce the possibility of recurrence.Removing the growths can be accomplished by:

  • use of liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy);
  • use laser (laser therapy);
  • influencing high-frequency currents
  • perform cautery current (electrocautery);
  • use of radio waves;
  • use applications with a chemical solution, superimposed on the affected area, where they are left for a while.To pathology has been removed, it will take hold 2-3 applications.

Besides the use of local resources, to slow down the system of reproduction of viral particles, provided the appointment of antiviral drugs, interferon (immune stimulating agents).Men should be carried out combined treatment of HPV, and the total duration of treatment depends on what is the scale of destruction.

Causes of HPV in men

For reasons of HPV in men characterized by the possession of the nature of the contact, by which is meant that the disease can be transmitted through sexual contact and the way home.The virus enters the body through the male genital or oral contact, which often lives in latent form.In most cases, theoretically capable of condom use to protect against infection.But do not forget about the great risk of infection in the home, when the virus enters the body is sufficient contact with the mucosal damage.In addition to the contacts, infection can occur through the use of feminine hygiene products.To avoid this, each family member should use their own towels and washcloths.Another way of HPV transmission in the home is bathing in the bathroom with the carrier.

Inhabiting in men, HPV can be caused by the occurrence anywhere on the body of genital warts, papillomas, Bowenoid papullёza.Although regeneration of abnormal cells into cancer occurs less frequently, there is a risk that the tumor will arise on the genitals or anus.

Diagnosing HPV in men

for the diagnosis of HPV in men it is possible to identify by performing a polymerase chain reaction.Also examined discharge from the lesion, body fluids (saliva, urine, semen).

pathological entities affected skin of the neck, eyelids, armpits, the mucosa of the mouth or throat.Regarding the genitals, possibly a manifestation of papillomavirus in the foreskin, bridle, head of the penis, in and around the anus.In the treatment of warts in men carried their removal.The duration of the procedure is a little bit of time, but before going to the most therapy is necessary to conduct detailed diagnostics.During the execution of the treatment is necessary not only to get rid of the unpleasant build-up men, and preventing their recurrence.Optimal treatment the doctor chooses, and these procedures should always be complex.