The immunity of the child in the hands of parents

Everyone knows the good old truth - the immune system of the child in the hands of the parents!It is up to mothers and fathers of the child depends on the health of many factors, ranging from the very conception.

So, bad habits of parents directly affect the health of the unborn baby, since the immune system of the child is laid in the early stages of pregnancy.That is why the need to be concerned about the health of his successor, long before his birth!It categorically give up smoking and drinking alcohol a few months before planning pregnancy, as well as to fence themselves from stress.

immunity of the child before birth

During pregnancy, the baby gets immunity from the mother, so do not be amiss to check for any infections and diseases before conception.Nurturing the baby under your heart, you should watch your diet, because the baby through the umbilical cord takes all the necessary material to him.Often, among them the crumbs fall into the body of toxins and other "bad things" that mother got

together with food.

immunity of the child after birth

After birth, the baby is six months immunity acquired in the womb.After this period, the baby already protects its own immune system, which has to look after his parents.The best source of strength and health - a mother's milk, so pediatricians strongly recommend mums to breastfeed at least 1 year.

Increasing immunity of the child

Proper nutrition

In such an important issue as improving immunity child , should pay special attention to nutrition.Enrich your diet offspring cereals that contain a lot of useful minerals and fiber, fruits and vegetables, which contain all the necessary growing organism vitamins, as well as meat and fish, rich in protein and phosphorus.Do not neglect the fermented milk products as milk, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt provide useful lactobacilli, increases immunity of the baby.


Note the hardening of the body the baby even from an early age.Naturally, pour a bucket of cold water the child is not necessary, but too coddle him in "one hundred odezhek" also should not be.Pediatricians advise to start hardening gradually, so that the little body got used to such changes.Conducts the procedure is better in an entertaining way with a child aged 3-4 years, not before.The kid must be always bright and cheerful, and in any case not compelled to tempering force.Start with exercises to be hardening, and it is better to continue the procedure rubbing with a damp towel.

Herbal immunomodulators

important to remember that herbal immunomodulators badly needed child in the winter, when every step beset his infection colds and other seasonal ailments.Echinacea tincture or hawthorn become real helpers to increase the immunity of your crumbs.

Stress - the enemy of the human immune

Stress - another worst enemy to the human immune system, so the child should be possible to fence off pathogens nervous system.Movies at night, computer games for several hours at a time - all this is an extremely negative impact on the health of the child.In order to ensure that your child was always in a good mood, he needs a good rest, which is the normal sleep and a walk in the fresh air.

By following these rules, you can be sure that your child's health will be under the protection of a strong immune system!

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