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Human papillomavirus ( HPV) infection and pregnancy

If the human papilloma virus (HPV) will be in the expectant mother, they do not exert a pronounced negative impact either on the fetus or the woman herself.To date, no proven facts about the impact of HPV infection on pregnancy.The only situation where this type of virus can threaten the baby - is the emergence of anogenital warts (genital warts), which becomes a cause of infection with HPV types 6 and 11.HPV is one of the most common viral disease affecting humans.It provided more than 100 varieties of HPV, but most of them have severe symptoms.Consider what would be the impact of HPV pregnancy.

HPV and pregnancy

In the case of the presence of HPV in a latent form at conception during pregnancy, it can manifest itself papillomas, which are understood as the emergence of skin appendages (soft warts).If the growths were present before pregnancy, it is possible their growth in size and change.We do not recommend getting rid of the outgrowths appeared during pregnancy, since the receipt of any burn is a

stress for the skin, therefore - and for the baby.Therefore pregnant women with HPV should observe careful eye health.Any treatments for HPV during pregnancy may be appointed for more than 28-week, because this term systems and organs are formed and the baby will not be exposed to the threat of negative impact of drugs.

papillomavirus Effect on the fetus can be rendered in rare cases.For example, if the warts are in the vagina, there is a risk that at the time of the passage of the baby through the birth canal the baby took a breath ahead of time, and then they will be received papillomavirus.In such a situation it is likely that the baby will be infected with HPV during childbirth, because his vocal cords appear warts.In this regard, the presence of a woman's vaginal warts, recommended that a cesarean section.

When placing vaginal warts is not going to happen child transmission of HPV.Yet pregnant women with HPV is desirable to take care of yourself and keep your body in order to preserve the health, because it can be caused by HPV aggravation of diseases such as thrush.

When a woman skin lesions, it should be tested for HPV before a planned pregnancy for her own peace of mind, since some types of the virus can be oncogenic and they must be careful medical supervision during pregnancy.

should not forget that in case of detection of papillomavirus in women before pregnancy, then it is recommended that a course of treatment and planning child some time after treatment is completed.Usually, the doctor approves planning to become pregnant in the next menstrual cycle.In particular, this approach to pregnancy for those who were assigned to treatment with podophyllotoxin (this antiviral drug called necrosis warts).All the necessary preparations should be prescribed only by a doctor.

To date there is no cure, with which it is possible cure HPV.Mostly modern treatment purports to "drown out" to fight the infection and its symptoms.Warts or deleted, for example, laser therapy, or their carrier prescribers that reduce the concentration of virus in the body.

It should also be noted that if the HPV-induced tumors are large, they can cause complications during childbirth: violation of the passage of the fetus and the development of blood loss.In addition, it was found that often pregnant women with HPV accompany violations of the neural tube of the fetus, resulting in the frequency of disorders of the nervous system in children who were born to a mother infected with HPV increases by 10-12 times.