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Cleansing the blood and lymph folk remedies

From the blood after treatment removes toxins, activates the immune and excretory systems, thus, we help ourselves constantly restored.Cleansing the blood and lymph can be done at home, using the available means.

cleanse the blood and lymph folk remedies

1. Cleansing dandelion.Grind to a powder dry roots of dandelion.Pour 1 tablespoonpowder, pour 500 ml of boiling water and to insist in a thermos.Take 2-5 times a day for 200 g for 30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating.Accepted within 7 days;
2. In the treatment of many diseases, removal of sleepiness and fatigue gives good results cleansing nettle.It stimulates the kidneys, bladder, improves digestive organs, the body is supplied with a large number of minerals and vitamins.Tea nettle will need 2 tablespoonswith the top of herbs, and 2 liters of boiling water.Pour boiling water over the grass.Take every day between the 15th and 19th hours of 2 liters of tea.The duration of this course is 14 days, then provides a break for 14 days and re
peat the course on the waning moon.Typically, enough of the two courses of treatment duration to 14 days.For such a blood purification herbs recommended young nettle leaves;
3. Purification of juniper berries.Berries must be taken daily.On the first day you need to eat 5 fruits, then every day the number increases by 1 berry.To bring the number of berries consumed per day to 15 and begin to diminish seed;
4. Cleansing yarrow.This method involves purifying the blood infusion follows: Pour 3 tablespoonsdry grass 1 liter of boiling water, infuse for 40 minutes in a thermos.Take 3 times a day for half a glass before a meal;
5. Purification of cranberry juice.To obtain long-lasting results, it is recommended to drink half a cup of juice, 2 times a day.In the third week of treatment should take half a cup 1 time a day;
6. As a folk remedy cleanse the blood used burdock root.To prepare pour 3-4 tablespoons recommendedburdock roots 1 liter of boiling water and leave to infuse overnight.Take the form of heat in one glass before meals 3-5 times a day.You can use the powder of dried burdock root.In this case, it is necessary to take 1 st.warm milk, hot water or tea 1 tsppowder.It can also be used an infusion of seeds for making you want to pour 2 tbspseeds 2 tbsp.boiling water, in a thermos overnight.Take 4 times a day for half a cup after 10-15 minutes after ingestion;
7. Purification of marsh cinquefoil.It is necessary to fill the crushed leaves and grass 1/3 liter jars, pour the boiling water over the top, cover and let stand for 14 days.Take 3-4 times a day 1 tspbefore eating.If the running form of the disease, the infusion should be 1 tablespoonevery 2 hours.Once the infusion ended, the rest of the grass can pour boiling water up to the top, boil on low heat for 20 minutes and drink as tea.The course involves the use of a 3-liter jars, then make a break for 30 days and if necessary, the treatment can be repeated;
8. As a method of cleansing the blood, you can use the juice of red beet.Before its use, it is necessary to freshly made juice let stand in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.Initially, it can be mixed with carrot juice, then gradually reduce the proportion of carrot juice.Take a month for 1 a day.
To cleanse the blood of folk remedies can be used, and many other means, for example, tea with milk, borage, garlic, flax seeds, prickly thistle, artichoke, various cleaning duties.Krovoochischayuschimi means has a positive effect on lymph.If stagnation occurs veins and ultimately, lymphedema, thereby ensuring that in the lymphatic system and multiplied settled pathogens.To avoid negative consequences, it is recommended to carry out preventive clean lymph, an important element of which is the adoption of water treatments, massage, complemented with a stiff brush.

Cleansing lymph folk remedies

To cleanse the lymph folk remedies can be used apple cider vinegar, which liquefy and dissolve hardened.In addition, it helps to ensure that improved lymphatic flow.It is recommended to add 1 tbsp.1-2 tsp of warm watervinegar drink 2-3 per day.For a time, you can not drink more than 30 grams.If there is a hardened lymph nodes, then they can make a lotion.
As a means of cleansing the lymph herbs can be used Knotweed herb, garden horseradish, oregano, fir, willow-herb, plantain, etc.

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