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If blown ear - Treatment folk remedies

Ear pain arises due to injury, hypothermia may result from other diseases, etc.Before care physician will be helpful to use herbal medications because the ear can get sick in the most inopportune moment, for example, while traveling or vacations, because quite quite a little bit to lose vigilance, sit at the open window, and soon the ear pain willfelt.Consider the treatment of folk remedies, if blown ear.

folk remedies Treatment of otitis

Many do not trust the treatment of otitis media folk remedies, but in fact they are very effective and affordable.For the treatment of ear, you can use, for example, propolis or common laurel.
to use propolis must first insist on his or moonshine vodka in a cool place.Then you need to roll the cloth, moisten it received plenty of tincture and as often as possible to wipe the affected area.At night should be a medium-sized onion bake in the oven, cut it into pieces and put into the ear.Relief usually occurs within a few days of this treatment.
Equally effective folk remedy for earache is a bay leaf.For the preparation of the drug need to take a couple of leaves lavrushki, finely chop them, pour into a cup and add boiling water.Let it brew for a couple hours, strain and the infusion is ready for use.This tool should be instilled into the patients ears 4 large drops.It is recommended to do this at night, and after instillation of the ear with cotton cover.

compresses to treat ear

to treat ear, if it is blown, you can use compresses.Mostly used for their preparation boron, or ethyl alcohol levometsitinovy.The most popular option among all is boric alcohol.It does not cure, they just warmed and therefore, analgesic inflammation.Treatment by this agent is effective only if the disease is in its early stage.
most accessible means for making a vodka compresses.Distributed by following a treatment option to help compress: warm vodka and moisten the cotton wool in it.This fleece to make a slot for the ear and to impose it around.On top you need to put a package of cellophane, rewind all handkerchief and leave overnight.Instead vodka possible to use other means, for example, more effective is propolis.In addition, the swabs may be impregnated with alcohol, and then put them into the ear canal.

Onion poultice

Among the many popular recipes for the treatment of ear, if it is blown, effective is the use of onion compress.To make it, you need to cut the onions, slices wrapped in cotton wool and put into the ear.By doing this, do not try to push too deep compress, at the end of the procedure, you should have no difficulties in removing the tampon.With onion compress well removed pain.
You can also use other means, which includes onions: Mix onions and butter, or linseed oil to the consistency of a homogeneous slurry and the resulting solution soak a tampon and insert it in the ear.Using oils can provide all possible assistance in the event of ear pain.You can use camphor oil.

Chamomile infusion

Besides all of the above, as a good effective folk remedy can be used chamomile infusion.To make it, you need to buy a daisy and 1 tspherbs to brew in 1 tbsp.Hot water.Means let stand, drain.The resulting extract can be washed patients ears.

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