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How to remove warts by folk remedies

Many are wondering how to remove warts by folk remedies, since such a defect is not decorated with a man, but rather an essential flaw in appearance.Even today, when it would seem, medicine is able to solve this common problem in a jiffy, folk remedies are very popular.

If you encounter such a nuisance, like warts, not in a hurry to run to the doctor in order to remove them by laser or cold nitrogen.Try treatment of warts by folk remedies!In this article we will talk about the most common and safe method to get rid of this cosmetic defect.

Treatment of warts by folk remedies

  • most popular way to remove warts - the use of celandine.Suffice it to lubricate the wart juice 2 times a day, and a week later it will disappear.Instead, you can use the juice of celandine dandelion, the effect of it will be the same.
  • addition, the warts can be completely painless to get rid of them smeared juice rowan berries.By doing this procedure every day, in a week you will forget that once suffered from warts.
  • Cabbage juice - an excellent remedy for these growths on the body.Suffice it to smear their juice for a week or two, until the complete disappearance.
  • Another wart removal can be executed on via bulb cut in half, the halves of which need to smear warts.Often enough 3-4 times to get rid of warts once and for all.
  • few cloves of garlic need to grind in a meat grinder with a piece of bacon, and the resulting slurry spread it on the bandage and apply to the wart.This dressing should be changed once a day, and already after a week you will see results.The warts will disappear as quickly as they appeared!Continuing the "garlic" theme, I want to note that the treatment of warts by folk remedies can be performed by a conventional garlic cloves, followed by rubbing the wart until their complete disappearance.The procedure may be performed twice a day for 4-5 days.
  • addition to all of the above methods of how to get the warts, there are other, at first glance, ridiculous ways, but they are taking place in the practice of many people who have managed to get rid of warts.Thus, the conventional silk thread can help you with your problem.For this purpose, it is necessary to tie a knot in the air over the wart, then bury it in the ground.Once the thread rot - wart fall off.
  • other "mystical method" - the apple, cut in half strong thread.Halves of the fruit should rub the wart, then add the apple slices together, tie the same thread, and buried in the ground.The warts will disappear as soon as the apple rot.

Here we are with you, and looked at a lot of options, how to remove warts by folk remedies.To believe in them or not - it is yours, but we dare to assure you that these methods successfully used by our ancestors in the time of the laser or the nitrogen was not the question!

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