What immunogram

What imunnogramma?Who and why it is prescribed?Perhaps aware of these issues, not all, though, the name of this mysterious research might already something to understand.Today, quite often you can hear from the doctors' weakened immunity. "

The result is like a magnet, "cling" on all possible diseases and doing their alternate treatment.In this case, and comes to the aid imunnogramma, which allows to "draw" a more accurate picture of the human immune system.

How things going on?Perhaps, for a start we should remember that he is the immune system and how it depends on the state of human health.The immune system - a kind of protection that helps in the fight against all kinds of harmful elements get into our body.It is divided into two large groups: humoral and cellular immunity, which protects each person differently.

Ta, for example, in the humoral immunity of microbes that enter the body "devoured" immunoglobulins proteins, if a cellular immunity, the effect given to the cells.It is the state

of cellular and humoral immunity, as well as work cells and proteins of immunoglobulins is checked when the immunological.Furthermore, this study brings real benefits to the development of certain diseases, because with it you can determine:

  • immunodeficiencies (when, because of a viral infection of human immune system works poorly);
  • variety of allergic reactions;
  • presence of any parasites in the body, especially worms;
  • autoimmune nature of the disease, including some types of diabetes;

Immunnogrammu can be carried out in two stages, depending on the suspicion and diagnosis of the doctor.The first stage of the diagnosis means a conventional general clinical blood test.This step can take a person with any disease, but the second phase - a more detailed study, which does not need everything.Tests of a more complex level will help to explore all options in depth the human immune system.

Immunnograma may be imposed selectively in the presence of:

  • purulent inflammation of the skin;
  • frequent pneumonia;
  • sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract which are characterized by a sharp loss of weight;
  • various viral diseases;
  • chronic fungal infections.

should be noted that, in spite of the large list of diseases, which may appoint imunnogrammu the presence of genital infections, imunnogramma often not needed.This fact once again confirms that genital infection is dangerous even for completely healthy person.But still, some experts are convinced that the presence of genital infections should be sure to make an assessment of mucosal immunity.

In any case, do imunnogrammu or not, will tell you experienced doctor in the presence of certain suspicions for a more accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.You also only available until that is imunnogramma and why it is needed!

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