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Alum aluminum in folk medicine

medical practice primarily uses aluminum-potassium alum.In medicine alum are used as the binder, caustic and hemostatics, deodorant and antiperspirant aftershave.Traditional medicine often uses alum, readily soluble in water, easily soluble in hot water, insoluble in alcohol.Paris reception inside alum sometimes possible poisoning, in which case you should use soap and water or sugar water.

Application of alum in folk medicine

In folk medicine, the use of alum reasonable and effective in the treatment of stomatitis and gingivitis, in the case of sweating, in the treatment of hemorrhoids, jaundice, varicose veins, wounds and burns, pulmonary tuberculosis.In addition, the alum can be used for external bleeding, for inhalation with tonsillitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis.Water from Alum helps with hemorrhoids, hemoptysis and heavy menstruation.

Alum with stomatitis and gingivitis stomatitis

When alum is used to wipe the mouth with powder made from burnt alum and salt.In the treatment of gingival inflam

mation and bleeding in the case of their recommended daily mouthrinse alum solution for one week.

Alum when sweating

If sweating alum used for making local baths that use of alum powder.It must fill in socks and go with this drug for a long time.

To remove unpleasant odor from sweating of the skin, it must be wetted with water, which were diluted alum, decoction of the leaves of willow or apple, thyme infusion.Alum

the treatment of hemorrhoids

the treatment of hemorrhoids alum are used as follows: we should start with the adoption of a laxative and bowel cleansing, and then over the steam of boiling water with alum performed warming anus.This procedure should be performed no more than once a week.To prepare the solution needed in 7 liters of boiling water to dissolve 400 g alum dish lid, an opening in the center of which is 5 cm in diameter. Above this bore must be warmed hemorrhoids until until no go pairs.After performing the anus with petroleum jelly to lubricate and take a laxative.As a rule, it appears sufficient that the 2-3 such procedures.At the same time it recommended the adoption of the infusion of mullein.

Alum jaundice

the treatment of jaundice alum need to take 24 figs, cut them in half, 6 lemons, cut into 8 pieces, 1 tablespoonchopped rhubarb, ½ tspburnt alum.Pour mixture of wine vinegar to the level until the mixture is covered with 1 cm. Let stand for 2 days until the vinegar is absorbed figs and lemon.From 3 times a day to eat 2 slices of fig and a slice of lemon for 20 minutes before eating.The duration of treatment of jaundice alum is 24 days, after which you need to make a break for 2 weeks and repeat the treatment.

Alum varicose veins

For the treatment of varicose veins alum are used externally.To do this, we recommend taking baths with alum and soda.In the tank with warm water at a temperature of from 39 to 42 degrees, pour 200 grams of baking soda and 70 g alum, stir.Footbath should be taken within 15 minutes, then stand on the applicator Kuznetsova for 5 minutes.Simultaneously with foot baths is recommended bathing rest for 30-40 minutes, which can be used in other teas.Foot baths should be taken 2 times a week, other days recommended the imposition of a cold hot compress for 30 minutes before bedtime.To prepare a compress should be taken folded into 4 layers of cheesecloth soaked in a mixture of 8 tablespoonswater and 2 tablespoons9% vinegar.On top cover with a thin layer of cotton gauze or something warm.

Alum in the treatment of wounds and burns

the treatment of wounds and burns alum are used externally.To prepare an ointment should take 100 g wax, lard, vegetable oil, 10 g of rosin, 5 g of alum, a small vial of iodine.All the ingredients to put in an enamel bowl, put on fire, boil for 5 minutes, drain.Use as an ointment for greasing of burns, wounds and ulcers.

Alum in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

During the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis is necessary in an enamel bowl pour 2 tbsp.warm water, add ½ st.honey and honey after dissolving put the pan on low heat, add 1 tspburnt alum.After raising the foam dishes should immediately remove from heat.Let the mixture cool down and drink 4 times a day for 1 tablespoon10-15 minutes before eating.The duration of treatment is 1 month, then you need to take a break for 1 week and repeat the course, taking breaks as long until a complete healing.

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