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Signs and symptoms of chickenpox in adults

If we compare the signs and symptoms of chickenpox in adults and children, then the first category, they are expressed more clearly.In adults, body rashes appear abundant, there is an increase in body temperature, which together cause general organic weakness.Chickenpox is not a dangerous disease, but it gives a lot of discomfort associated with contagious chicken pox.Treatment involves the isolation of chickenpox 2 weeks from contact with people who did not survive the disease.

Signs and symptoms of chickenpox in adults

In adult chickenpox often proceeds with exacerbations, when the disease is accompanied by other bacterial infections such as encephalitis.In addition, when a rash may appear pustular complications.In adults, symptoms and signs of chickenpox in the first place, it is characterized by a rash all over the body, on the tongue, lips, genitalia, mucous.The eruption is gradually becoming a blistering having small sizes.Furthermore, chickenpox in adults accompanied by fever.During eruptions,

it is desirable to refrain from scratching the blisters, rashes should take place as a natural way to recovery after the body was left no trace of the illness.Otherwise, after chickenpox remain undesirable consequences, presented in small scar on the skin.The rash of chickenpox is very sensitive to moisture.It should be borne in mind that in the first three days of illness should refrain from taking a bath and going to the bath, and limit compliance with personal hygiene, such as water treatments symptoms of chickenpox in adults can be seriously complicated.

elements rashes recommended to lubricate the brilliant green or fukortsinom.To eliminate itching Diazolin be taken 2 times a day.This drug has a partial effect of sleeping pills, therefore, after its adoption will be long enough to sleep without making an attempt to scratch the rash.

The disease becomes easier in the second week, when it starts drying of the blisters, which gradually disappear.In place of blisters now appear pink circles.Chickenpox passes slowly, and signs expressed blisters disappear completely for six weeks.As a result of the disease after the skin will look like before.

Note that skin rashes, having the form of a reddish-brown bubbles chickenpox in adults is not always limited to the skin.Often they affected the esophagus, ureters, and kidneys.They may appear on the bladder, pancreas.

When transferring chickenpox in adulthood is likely occurrence of consequences, such as herpes zoster.Another complication is a very dangerous disease encephalitis, sometimes in this case, the disease can be fatal.The occurrence of complications professionals motivated by the fact that the human body is already formed protective reaction to the introduction of various infections and viruses.And in connection with this reaction of the body can be so strong that it can be applied more harm than good.Complications from chickenpox in adults are caused by pyogenic flora.There is a transformation of vesicles pustules that become wet for a long time.During the autopsy performed outcrop of deep ulcers heal with scarring.If the work of immune protection occurs at the proper level, it can develop abscesses, abscesses, fasciitis, sepsis and up to achieve disease necrotizing form.

In addition, the symptoms and signs of chickenpox in adults include:

  • occurrence of repeated waves of repeated podsypany, the total duration of not more than 10 days;
  • development of pronounced symptoms of intoxication.