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Herbs for the treatment of dry and wet cough

to treat all kinds of cough, you can use herbal collection cough.Herbs for cough can be used both in dry and in the wet cough.

Herbal treatment of dry and wet cough

1. The composition of the collection of herbs for cough involves a mother and stepmother, branches of wild rosemary, plantain leaf, grass, mint, oregano (1 tsp.), Eucalyptus leaves and grass St. John's wort (0.5 tsp.).Before going to bed about an hour, you should boil water in an enamel kettle, passed through a filter of 1.2 liters and cover the collection, stop and immediately remove from heat.After that tea should be covered with a towel and let the grass for 35-40 minutes.

2. You should start with inhalation.To do this, insert the spout into the funnel and breathe through it for 15-20 minutes.Then you warm infusion (1 cup) and go to bed.There is no need to store the kettle with infusion in the refrigerator to store it more suitable room temperature.The next day you need to drink the rest of the infusion in divided doses, regardless

of the meal.Then you have to prepare your new infusion and at bedtime to repeat the procedure.If you have a common cold, the produce should be treated in this way as long as the cough is completely gone.

3. If you have bronchitis in the chronic stage, the treatment or prevention of exacerbations should be carried out such procedures Course: 15 days inhalations and drinking brew, then take a break for 7 days, then re-inhalations, etc..d.This herbal tea can be done to treat children of any age.If they still can not do inhalation, it is possible to take into infusion.Herbs for cough and help cores: they are stagnation as a result of breathing is less labored.In addition, significantly improved sleep.

4. eucalyptus and rosemary can be bought at the pharmacy, and the rest of the workpiece to produce better grass alone, that they were always on hand if needed.And while you will know where the raw material is taken.

5. oregano, mint and St. John's wort collected during flowering, are bound in bundles of small size and hung in the shade (necessary to avoid exposure to sunlight).Plantain is harvested until the flower stalks appear, mother and stepmother can be harvested throughout the summer.Just pay attention to the leaves no rust stains, and on the smooth surface of the sheet was not "spider web."

to store herbs is better to use paper bags.The package is placed a number of herbs required to perform a procedure.For all packages are arranged alternately grass: grass first one, then another.And so you need to put all seven herbs in a dosage that is listed above.It is necessary to prepare about 60 packages.

Herbs for the treatment of dry cough

When dry cough injured mucosa of the respiratory tract, which provokes increased cough.Treatment of dry cough is reduced to turn it into a stage of wet cough.For this purpose grass with enveloping, softening effect.These herbs are linden flowers, clover, mallow, mullein, marshmallow root, plantain leaf, mother and stepmother, flax seeds, grass heather.Treatment of dry cough in whooping cough is performed using antitussive herbs such as thyme, oregano, rosemary, angelica rhizome.When painful coughing is necessary to add to the collection and p, St. John's wort, thyme, sage, willow bark, pine buds.If a dry cough at night worrying, it should be taken at bedtime soothing infusions, including valerian, willow, chamomile, motherwort.If there is a tendency to bronchospasm, the composition of the collection add herbs: valerian root of sweet flag, flowers elderberry, chamomile, lemon balm herb, nettle, oregano, fennel fruit.

herbs for the treatment of wet cough

When moist cough released sputum, bronchi and annoying containing microbes and viruses.When purulent-mucous sputum collection must include herbs that have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.The fee includes linden flowers, elderberry, lungwort, mint, sage, marjoram, caraway seeds, dill, fennel, leaves a mother-and-stepmother, plantain, pine buds, root and rhizome of elecampane.With abundant sputum is necessary to reduce its isolation.To do this, use St. John's wort, nard, bloodroot goose, sage.

Thus, grass cough should be used wisely.If you have a cold, and you have a fever, it is necessary to prepare the fees of the herbs that have diaphoretic effect.Treatment of dry cough should carry herbs, which have enveloping, softening action.For the treatment of wet cough used herbs with expectorant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial action.

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