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Complications from chickenpox

Typically, chickenpox has mild, and after the disease is not any serious consequences.In particular, if moved chickenpox as a child.The emergence of severe complications from chickenpox, including death, are more common in adults, patients with marked presence of immunodeficiency states and diseases of the blood, in adolescents and neonates.

Complications typical chickenpox

Chickenpox can be caused by complications that have a direct link with exposure to the virus and so, what will be the reaction of the patient to it.In addition, it can join secondary bacterial flora, promoting the development of purulent inflammation.

Complications typical of chickenpox include:

  • abundant appearance of rash on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract than can be caused by varicella clinic laryngitis or tracheitis.In this case, the patient suffers from dry rough cough, pain in the course of the trachea, difficulty breathing;
  • varicella occurrence of multiple sores in the mouth than the available picture of
    acute stomatitis.The disease is accompanied by painful swallowing and chewing, which causes erosion, located in the sky, the mucosa of the mouth and gums;
  • development of genital rash discharge bubble, resulting in men develops a painful inflammation of the foreskin and the glans penis, and women involved the mucosa of the labia and vulvity;
  • appearance of the most common consequences of chickenpox skin.Although the virus affects only the most superficial layers of the epidermis, because of the severe itching some patients, especially children, are broken dry up and crust formed comb erosion.Because this is a violation of the growth layer, resulting in the complete healing after chickenpox scars are formed.As a rule, they are very gentle, smooth out gradually and disappear completely in a few months.But in the folds of skin and in locations where skin rubs much about clothes, usually occurs damage to the deep layers of the epidermis, and then the chicken pox scars remain for a lifetime.They are characterized by the absence of melanin pigment which is why, even though they are small, white marks are noticeable on the background of tanned skin.Traces of chickenpox can be removed using laser correction in the cosmetic clinic;
  • occurrence of varicella encephalitis, meningitis, cerebellar, and cranial nerve nuclei due to virus infection of the meninges, and nerve cells.The patient complains of headache, nausea and vomiting center, seizures and loss of consciousness, the sense of balance and coordination.If the peripheral motor neurons are affected, it leads to flaccid paralysis, so that a person may be asymmetric in appearance.After chicken pox neurological effects occur usually favorable.Complete regression of symptoms and recovery occurs within a few weeks;
  • complications due to bacterial inflammation of bubble rash, including balanoposthitis, purulent conjunctivitis and keratitis, pyoderma.Most often in place pustules are dark spots, which have long lighter.But in the case of non-healing wounds is long, complicated by an abscess or cellulitis, one of the most likely consequences is the appearance of rough scars after chickenpox.These complications often develop because of a violation of the rules of skin care or the presence of immune deficiencies;
  • appearance of serous or purulent arthritis and bursitis, myocarditis, hepatitis, nephritis in the case of the spread of the virus through the blood of chickenpox or bacterial flora of the body.Often there is an increase in regional lymph nodes, characterized by tenderness;
  • in the case of varicella complicated by gangrenous inflammation of the skin, you may experience such effects like thrombophlebitis superficial and deep veins;
  • develop shingles, which can manifest itself in a few years;
  • occurrence of pneumonia, pathological changes in the heart, damage the pancreas, bone marrow, spleen.Quite threatening complication is the development of encephalomyelitis, which causes brain inflammation.

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