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Signs and symptoms of chickenpox in children

Chickenpox is one of the most common diseases that occur in children.A person is sick with chickenpox once, after which he produces lifelong immunity.Chickenpox occurs much easier in children than in adults.Chickenpox is transmitted through the mucous membranes of the eyes and upper respiratory tract.The disease becomes contagious for 1 day before they started appearing skin rashes.Signs and symptoms of chickenpox in children should be familiar with each parent, so that you can immediately start treatment.

Signs and symptoms of chickenpox in children

Chickenpox in children does not manifest itself in 1-3 weeks - this incubation period of the disease, after which sick notes a sharp increase in body temperature to a value of 39-39,5 degrees.Symptoms of chickenpox include the appearance of a headache and feeling of weakness.

rash on the skin first slack, have the form of flat pink spots.In just a few hours it has been a sharp increase in the number of lesions.Spots become more convex, at the same time

the formation of blisters filled with liquid contents that can not try to squeeze.The first 3-4 days of chicken pox in children accompanied by very strong eruptions that occur not only on the skin, and mucous membranes - mouth, genitals, eyes, than in some cases, caused severe pain.The worst thing is very itchy rash that can not be combed, otherwise it is likely that will be entered into the wound infection.The course of chickenpox in children undulating.New eruptions usually appear within 3-4 days, after which disease marked decline.In the place where there were blisters, crusts are gradually fall away on their own and subject to any recommendations made by the doctor, they are not a trace remains.Pink spot, solid to the touch, remains on the skin for about 2 weeks.Pimples scars that appear again, seemingly not so terrible, are smaller due to the fact that the child has already begun to produce antibodies to the virus, which was caused by the disease to opposing to the rash to grow.

The signs of chickenpox in children also include the fact that the rash appearing at the beginning of the disease is increasing rapidly in size, grow, become dense to the touch.

With the development of chickenpox may increase a child's lymph nodes, especially those that are located behind the ears and on the neck.

all the bubbles on the 7-10th day crust, there is a drop in temperature.

The course of chickenpox in children

The special features of the flow of chickenpox in children is that the length of the incubation period of the disease hidden in the middle of 2 weeks, sometimes it can be from 10 to 21 days.Chickenpox begins sharply, the fever can last 1-2 days.Rash has a period of one week or a little more.When this period ends, then peel the skin persist for the first 2 weeks, and then they go, and it remains a minor pigmentation.When uncomplicated chickenpox scars are formed.But in the case of entry of pyogenic infection occurs when combing rebirth bubbles in pustules, after the disappearance of the phenomenon which may remain, having a form of life-long small scars that resemble smallpox.The child did not recover early 10 th day from the moment that began the first eruption.The virus terminates released after dried up the last elements of the rash.

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