Folk remedies

How can I see the warts traditional methods

Warts are perceived by others as a sign of dirt, untidiness, communicating with something unclean.But warts are viral origin.They look like small growths, rising above the general level of the skin from 1-2 to 10 mm.Warts are common, plantar, flat, genital warts and senile.


warts The cause of warts is in the papilloma virus, enters the human body through the skin microtrauma at the touch of a carrier of the virus or a subject that touches the media 2-3 hours ago.The emergence of the virus is possible for people who sweat a lot, or legs that are uncomfortable tight shoes.The virus can live in the body in a latent form for a long time, and can only occur due to mental shock or weakening of the immune system.It is possible that the virus does not manifest itself.Warts can be deduced with medication, but you can with the help of folk remedies.There are many different means of warts.

How can I see the warts traditional methods

  • With autogenous.We need to get comfortable, close your eyes, rel
    ax, imagine the process of disappearance of warts.This method is suitable for people with a vivid imagination;
  • Using potatoes.Take raw potatoes (you can substitute apple, beet, other vegetables / fruit), cut it in half, rub the wart each half, then fold together the two parts potato and bury.The wart will take place when the potatoes rot;
  • With silk thread (hair rope).Take a silk thread in the air and over every wart tie the node, then hide the thread in the cut raw potatoes and bury;
  • with chalk.Rub the wart and sprinkle with chalk, and then tie in a woolen cloth.Try not to wet bandage;
  • Tightly wrap the wart, and do not remove the bandage until it gets dirty.The wart should be completed in three weeks;
  • With celandine.We need the juice of freshly picked smear warts celandine, 2 times a day.We need to work with the juice of celandine very carefully, because it's quite the eater, so it is important not to get out beyond the boundaries of the warts.Similarly, we need to use the juice of the milkweed and dandelion;
  • With the help of Kalanchoe.It should be dressing with mashed leaves of Kalanchoe, changing the bandage every day for fresh;
  • Using wormwood.To do this you need to pour boiling water 3 tablespoonsArtemisia, close the dishes and let stand for two hours.Impose daily fresh compress;
  • Using raw onion.Wet bulb should be placed in the vinegar for 2 hours.Snap the bulb at night to the wart.Repeat several nights in a row.In order not to burn the skin around the wart, you can use adhesive tape or a piece of plastic bag;
  • use of acetic acid and flour.It is necessary to take these components in a ratio of 1: 2.The patch a hole cut, repeating the form of warts, and stick it on the skin so that the wart sticking out of this hole.Warts spread the mixture on top and seal the whole tape.The bandage is recommended to change 1-2 times a day.It is important to avoid contact with a mixture of healthy skin, as this mixture may cause burns.The wart should go through the week;
  • In the case of plantar warts is recommended to steam foot in hot water by adding a soda, then carefully remove the stratum corneum.Leg wipe dry, put a small wart on a piece of raw meat, and then cover it with a piece of cloth and a bandage or a sticking plaster.Do not soak for 3-4 days, and then again to steam and remove the softened layer.If the wart is gone not completely, it is recommended to repeat the procedure;
  • Use the banana peel.With the bandage to fix the inner side on the wart, peel a banana.
sure sign of the withering away of the roots of the warts is blackening its top.Do not try at this time to cut off her top layer.It should fall completely herself to avoid re-occurrence of warts in the same place.
Therefore, this article lists the least traumatic methods of removing warts.If you decide to Ami that you have a wart, and folk remedies for warts does not help, you should consult a doctor for diagnosis, because it can not be a wart, but something akin to it.And do not forget that one of the desired conditions for the removal of warts is the belief in this treatment.