Infectious diseases

Tips for each day they do not get infected with influenza

Despite the existence of a dangerous flu epidemic period, can not be completely isolated from society.For whatever matters we have to leave the house, to communicate with people.And even if most stay at home, then it is possible that the baby can get sick, parents or any other relatives, so not to catch this unpleasant disease, it is necessary to adhere to a daily simple rules of self-defense.

prevention of influenza every day

1. During an epidemic it is necessary to restrict close contact on the street, that is, should avoid shaking hands at a meeting with friends, and not worth kissing and hugging at the meeting.It is better to temporarily restrict nodding or just to say hello with words.

2. Measures for preventing influenza is avoiding unnecessary touching the mouth, nose, eyes with his hands, as if the hands are not clean enough, then this is a good loophole for the virus so that it quickly penetrated the mucous membranes.It would not be bad if you wear an alcohol-based wipes to that served in

any pharmacy, or a vial of liquid, intended for the disinfection of hands, and occasionally rubbed his hands with the help of these funds, while on the road.If possible, you should as often as possible to wash your hands with soap and water.

3. If possible, is to keep people at a distance of 1.5-2 meters, because it is at such a distance can fly phlegm when coughing and sneezing.Implementation of this rule is necessary in the event that next to you is a person with clear signs of disease, such as sneeze, cough, or blowing your nose.

4. To reduce the risk of contracting influenza, at the entrance to a crowded store, bus or subway, wear a respirator or dust mask, but do not wear it on the street, as this makes no sense, because the viruses and bacteria are carried by windand the likelihood of getting the flu during the walk is almost zero.The mask should be changed every 2 hours, otherwise it begins to dampen, whereby viruses can easily penetrate therethrough.Reusing masks excluded.And in general, instead of getting into a crowded bus, better once again to walk, especially if you have to travel by public transport only 1-2 stops.

5. If you are in close proximity to the patient and leave him there is no possibility, it is necessary to hide behind a scarf, sweater or even look away.If the number of someone coughs, try not to breathe deeply, take your breath as much as possible surface.

6. To avoid getting the flu during the epidemic, try to be only in nemnogolyudnyh or well-ventilated places.It is better to take time off from the stuffy gym (all the more so to simulators touches too many people).

7. During the epidemic is to wear goggles and gloves, is a kind of protective equipment sputum droplets from coughing man.When your gloved hands, you rarely touch the eyes, mouth and nose.And with the points you to physically protect themselves from the virus in droplets of saliva of the patient coughs or sneezes.

8. As their strength and capabilities, try not to smoke and not to abuse alcohol, because they not only undermine the immune system, and desiccate the mucous membranes, so that they become more susceptible to viral penetration.

9. Always have to get enough sleep and eat rationally, otherwise the body can not at full strength to fight viruses.Eat more raw fruits and vegetables, drink milk drinks, natural fresh juices that enhance immunity.

10. If one of your loved ones sick with the flu, the possible place it in a separate room, or at least put a screen or shut off part of the room by a curtain.It is necessary to try to care for the sick person is only a relative one, carefully follow the precautions, wearing protective mask, as otherwise the virus could spread more quickly through the apartment.The patient is better to use disposable handkerchiefs, which will be regularly discarded.

Here are basic tips for each day is not getting the flu, which, when compliance can help prevent the disease.