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The main symptoms of chickenpox and its treatment

Chickenpox is a fairly common disease.It is considered a mild disease, but rather unpleasant.However, it may be caused by problems in newborns, pregnant women, people with immune system problems, causing the body to fight the infection becomes more difficult.Recover from chickenpox is usually not ill it again.But after recovering the virus remains in the body for a long time.If the virus becomes active again, it may cause a viral infection - shingles.
Chickenpox caused by viruses, it is transmitted by airborne droplets.It features rapid spread, especially if the room is closed and not ventilated, it is very catching.
Infection easier to move at a younger age.Chickenpox in children is considerably easier.Adults tend to suffer from chickenpox, which is accompanied by a high fever.What are the main symptoms of wind turbines and its treatment?

Symptoms of chickenpox

The key elements include chickenpox rash that appears on the scalp, face, limbs, torso.When the rash body temperature can rise to 38-3
9 degrees, but not necessarily, as the disease may be accompanied by headache and sore throat.If a child is sick, the temperature at all may not be.During the illness appear as symptoms of chickenpox as a weakness, appetite loss, a child starts to act up a lot.Initially rash appears as a pale-pink spots, which are then converted into vials filled with transparent liquid.Bubbles surrounded whisk reddened skin.On the second day after the rash appears, the contents of the bubble begins to thicken, wrinkle surface and covered with a crust of drilling color that disappear after 1-3 weeks.The child's body may be simultaneously be spots and vesicles, and crusts.
Chickenpox is accompanied by pruritus, that is the biggest nuisance, because if a child is sick with chickenpox, it is difficult to explain that it is impossible to scratch, because the bacteria can enter the wound and they can become infected.When brushing the skin can leave traces in the form of small scars, which are called ospinki.

treatment of chickenpox

1. If a child is ill, it is desirable to cut his nails carefully as they it can not only scratch the skin, but also carry infection.If a baby is quite small, it is recommended to put on his pen, cotton gloves;
2. Underwear should be changed daily, with shirts and T-shirts must be sewn from natural materials, even better, if they are not new, as a little worn fabric softer and does not disturb the skin;
3. Note the bedding, they also should be soft, not crisp;
4. The house should be provided with a comfortable temperature, since the appearance of sweat itch intensified;
5. If a child is sick, you should try to entertain him, as this will distract him from the disease;
6. The bubbles should be lubricated using a weak solution of potassium permanganate (1-2%), or water, an alcoholic solution of brilliant green (1-2%), or a solution fukartsina or rivanola solution (0.05%),either an aqueous solution of methylene blue (1%).They contribute to the drying of the bubbles;
7. If you have a rash on the mucous membrane of the mouth, rinse your mouth regularly needed.To rinse is recommended to use a weak solution of miramistina or furatsilina;
8. If the itching subsides, then you need to see a doctor, so he advised antihistamines;
9. During the period of chickenpox is recommended to drink juice (preferably diluted with water at a ratio of 1 to 1), tea, black currant, cranberry juice, broth hips;
10. Also do not forget about vitamins which are bracing means.

prevent disease chickenpox

The disease can be prevented by vaccination against varicella.Doctors recommend this vaccination for healthy children doubled in 12 months and older, unless the child is sick with chickenpox.At older ages may be vaccinated with two doses.