Infectious diseases

Symptoms and treatment of Corey Corey

Under Measles mean viral disease, which is characterized by lethargy, loss of the conjunctiva, fever, headaches, weakness, melkopyatnistaya rash and runny nose.
source of infection - a sick man.Measles infection is transmitted by airborne droplets.People who have never had measles or been vaccinated against it are susceptible to measles throughout life.
after he had infections in the body produces strong immunity, and recurrent disease can be found very rarely.After vaccination produced a short-term immunity.The incubation period ranges from 9 to 11 days.Let us see what are the symptoms of measles and measles treatment.

Signs Corey

The first symptoms of measles occur after 10-14 days after the person has contracted the disease.This is called the incubation period, it occurs during replication of the virus.The appearance of symptoms occurs in two stages.In the early phase of measles characterized by the following features:
- increased body temperature to 38-39 degrees;
- the emergence of g
rowing pains;
- the appearance of cough;
- red eyes (conjunctivitis appearance);
- the appearance of nasal discharge;
- noticed a loss of appetite.
appearance of red measles rash begins after 2-3 days after the first symptoms.Usually, a rash appears on the face, then spreads over the body, and later appears on the hands and feet.At first, the rash appears as small red rising points, which merge with each other.Over time, new eruptions.Points can only be seen with a small distance, when viewed, at a distance from the patient, the skin looks uniform, a red tint.Often, cases of measles in the inner surface of the cheeks appear gray-white spots, called Koplik points.As a rule, it is not accompanied by itching rash.There is only peeling of the skin, which begins when the red dots go.In general, the measles mild symptoms, but in some cases may be serious complications.After transferring the classical measles the human body becomes more susceptible to ear infections and pneumonia.Especially hard pneumonia occurs in infants as a result of it in this age group increased mortality.Approximately 1 in 1000 can inflame the brain (encephalitis).This disease is a very serious complication that can be fatal.Measles usually sick people who have weakened immune systems, including people living with HIV and cancer.

Treatment Corey

Treatment of the disease is carried out at home.Need for hospitalization there is only the case if there are complications measles.When it is a hectic period, you must sobldat strict bed rest.The bed should then be up to the window head end, so that the light does not shine into the eyes.Eyes need to provide the rest.It is necessary to minimize or even nullify the time you spend in front of a monitor or TV.The patient should drink plenty of fluids, vitamins, fruit juices.If there is a stubborn dry cough, you should take expectorant.In my eyes it is recommended 3-4 times a day drip sulfacetamide.
order not to spread the virus, should be as isolated from the people.It is recommended to use drugs that reduce temperature.Do not give aspirin to patients under the age of 20 years, as this may cause the development of Raynaud's syndrome - a serious illness.
If measles sick child, after he was cured, it is not recommended to allow him to train at least 4 days after the last eruption.Young patients need to provide extra rest if he continues to feel bad.Be sure to consult a doctor if the child has seen:
- impaired consciousness;
- the emergence of severe sleepiness (hard to wake up);
- a fever that lasts more than 10 days;
- occurrence of diarrhea that lasts more than 2 weeks;
- signs of dehydration;
- the appearance of severe headaches or pain in the neck;
- the re-emergence of symptoms.
If your child is sick with measles, but you treat it yourself without a doctor's examination, it is necessary to inform about the disease health authorities, asWe should take into account all the cases of infectious diseases.


to reliable method of preventing measles vaccination against measles, which has a protective effect for 15 years.The live vaccine is not given to pregnant women, patients with leukemia, tuberculosis, lymphoma and HIV-positive.The first vaccination is carried out in children aged 1 year, the second vaccination against measles is at the age of 15-18 months.