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Sclerotherapy - varicose veins treatment , contraindications and complications

Varicose veins is a disease that can not be ignored, because the disease can be triggered by the development of a number of complications: trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis, variceal bleeding, thromboembolism carrying a significant threat to life.Since

because of varicose veins dilate the veins, sclerotherapy that aims to narrow them, glue and later completely dissolved.When injected into a vein sclerotherapy substance that causes bonding venous walls and termination of pathological blood flow.Sclerotherapy of veins is a painless procedure.

sclerotherapy treatment of varicose veins

the treatment of varicose veins sclerotherapy vein puncture is performed, the essence of which is to puncture the vein wall for diagnosing location of the needle tip in it.After the needle is introduced drug gluing diseased vein and improves circulation in the legs.The dose and concentration of drug determined phlebologist and his administration carried out painlessly.As a rule, you must perform at least 2-3 injec

tions per session and no more than 15-20-minute.At the place where the drug is injected, the doctor puts compression, compression puncture site.For such compression can be used compression stockings and bandages.Conducting the session is not single.To achieve optimal effect, you must pass 3-4 sessions of sclerotherapy.

options sclerotherapy veins

There are several options for sclerotherapy of veins:

  • foam sclerotherapy;
  • Cosmetic sclerotherapy;
  • krioskleroterapiya;
  • ehosleroterapiya.

Foam sclerotherapy. When the foam sclerotherapy possible successful elimination of pathological venous discharges trophic ulcers.This technique is used for the treatment of varicose veins in the elderly and debilitated patients.With sclerotherapy technique using ultrasound scanning and foam technology, many patients can be cured radically varicose veins without surgery.

sclerotherapy of veins Cosmetic sclerotherapy .Through the use of cosmetic sclerotherapy (mikroskleroterapii) can get rid of aesthetic problems that are associated with the presence on the legs of small vascular network.For the procedure used by the thinnest needle and certified agents of western production.The procedure is effective, painless, and its implementation is not broken disability.In most cases, to achieve a good cosmetic result must be treated for 3 to 6-weeks.

Krioskleroterapiya. innovative treatments of spider veins on the legs is krioskleroterapiya.Based on the type an asterisk or a vascular network, use a liquid or foam sclerotherapy.To determine the feeding vessels, the device is used a thermal imager, which shows all the supply lines to the appropriate telangiectasia.There are holding up to 5-8 painless injections using the thinnest needle in the cooling stream of cold air.Spider veins are filled with a solution laminating wall, causing it to become invisible over time.After the procedure is necessary to wear compression stockings for 2-3 days.Total sclerotherapy procedures determined based on the severity of vascular networks.

echosclerotherapy. echosclerotherapy veins is performed under ultrasound guidance.Through the use of kriometodiki all shots are absolutely painless.First phlebologist varicose veins mapped on the US, marked the perforating and perforating veins.Thereafter, the physician handles the skin with an antiseptic and it cools the air stream.Then, under ultrasound scanner performed venipuncture and foam solution is injected sclerosant in kolichetsvo 3-5 ml.Foam cover 10-20 cm from the injection site and only changed veins.Foam does not extend in healthy vessels because they contain valves.From the sclerosing agent obtained foam bubble walls, which for a long time in contact with the vein wall.There is destruction of the inner wall of the vein.With the help of ultrasound is possible to observe the spread of foam and positioning for the introduction of an additional injection.Total must be a 3-x-5-injections.The patient during the procedure in a horizontal position.At the end of a session of sclerotherapy need to wear compression stockings, which the patient will have to wear for 2 weeks after the procedure.

Complications from sclerotherapy veins

After the sclerotherapy of veins may be a number of complications, including:

  • appearance of seals associated with the process of bonding varicose vein;
  • appearance of hyperpigmentation (dark stripes);
  • appearance of spider veins;
  • occurrence at rest or at night pain;
  • sores associated with the administration of the drug under the skin;
  • appearance of small swelling within a few days after the procedure;
  • feelings of numbness in places where the drug was administered, for several months after;
  • development of allergic reactions.

Contraindications to sclerotherapy

There are several contraindications for sclerotherapy, for example:

  • presence of thrombophlebitis;
  • detection of foci of purulent infection;
  • diagnosis of bleeding disorders;
  • presence of allergic reactions.

advantages of sclerotherapy veins

The advantages of the veins is sclerotherapy:

  • conduct outpatient procedure;
  • painless treatment;
  • no scars.

sclerotherapy before and after