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Health Horoscope 2015 Goats

H EALTH interested people of all signs of the zodiac, as if health is OK, if you want a person can achieve anything in life.

Health Horoscope for 2015 warns that the current period will be quite traumatic .The planet Uranus will be a long stay in the sign of Aries, and he refers to the sign of the fire element.Fire is an action.Aries - a sign the owner of which is the planet Mars.This sign is different activity, militancy, sharpness, speed.In addition, he has a strong will.The negative manifestations of it may come short temper, aggression, hostility.Uranus is characterized by sudden, explosive, destruction.This explains the political situation in the world, which undoubtedly has an impact on people's health.And this applies not only to those people who are in the direct area of ​​events, but also the entire world population.People are more likely to experience injuries that are associated with cars, speed, sports, especially martial arts.

With ccording sign of health in 2015, in March, is expected to increase the risk of injuries all Signs of the Zodiac, when paired transiting Mars and Uranus in Aries.At this time, it is desirable to be especially careful.If you are driving, you should try to observe the speed limit and avoid a collision on the road with dangerous situations.You should not overload yourself in the gym, because there is danger of fractures.

By rum, in Pisces, more than a year remains Neptune.No decryption is clear, and can be seen on a life that frequent accidents, which are associated with water.This situation will continue for several more years, so while relaxing on the water should be especially careful.

At the beginning of 2015, when in Sagittarius Saturn will be marked higher incidence of injuries of soft tissue located in the lumbar region.Very often this will occur during periods of longer trips abroad.So if you escaped to overseas resort should try to spend their holidays in a relatively quiet rhythm.

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