Infectious diseases

Infections in children and how to strengthen the defense?

In cold weather, children get sick more often.However, the risk of infection to the cold has less than the fact of contact children when healthy and sick already played together.The child is sick infectious diseases from eight to ten times a year (and if the kid attends kindergarten, the figure rises to 12-15).Almost every child from birth to school entry, "acquainted" with more than 200 different viruses.Each infection to some extent - "childhood diseases", which is necessary to recover, then to be immune for life.Here we talk about infection in children and how to strengthen the protection?

Frequent infections in children

Paediatricians in such cases talk about "trivial" infection.However, for parents, it is not so commonplace as taking care of a child, they say, is not "get out of the hospital.""Child-infection" - the so-called doctors are often ill child.But as you know, there is a blessing in disguise.According to the latest research, exposure to infection is walking nearby and is always positiv

e with these children respond to all particularly active: they have a rich imagination, they are curious and inquisitive.Prone to infections and also children from allergies.Hereditary sverhvospriimchivost called in medicine "atopy".In atopic children first attacks of neurodermatitis, hay fever or asthmatic bronchitis are often caused by "trivial" infection.

Hereditary protection

children in the womb (and later - through the mother's milk), the child receives a "genetic defense" against infection.About six months this stock is gradually consumed, and since one and a half years, there comes a temporary weakening of the immune system.The immune system has to make a breakthrough, to protect the baby from infection.For example, vaccination mobilize the body's own defense system.

If a child often boleeet, then behind him very quickly fixed characteristic "affected by the infection."But medically correct definition is nevertheless somewhat different: these children suffer at least four days, they often get complications such as inflammation of the middle ear."Children of infection" is slowly recovering, which negatively affects their growth.With regard to pathological disorders of immune protection in children (symptoms: purulent infections, fungal infections and diarrhea), they are relatively rare.

Strengthen the protection of children

Parents of children prone to infection, dream of a "magic pill" that would once and for all the kids made them resistant to virus attack.However, there is no magic bullet.Moreover, it is hardly possible to protect the child's contact with other children: a three-year-will avoid his friend because he had, say, a runny nose.But there are a number of recommendations, which can bring a temporary improvement:

  • breastfeeding - the best protection the baby from infections;
  • the vaccine protects the child from various "childhood diseases" to the dangerous, it strengthens the immune system;
  • hardening to prevent many infections.Useful playing outdoors in any weather (except - fog), try it does not coddle the kid.It should also care about taking care of a balanced, vitamin-rich food the child;
  • be careful that in your apartment fresh air, do not smoke indoors, ventilate the room more often.Where a child is asleep, the temperature should not exceed 18 ° C and the air should be rather humid.Dry air dries the mucosa, causing increased susceptibility to diseases.

Climate change is beneficial "for children with infections."However, the exciting climate of the North or the Black Sea, they are too young.Most suitable climate of the Baltic Sea or the mountain.

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