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All of cytomegalovirus infection

Under cytomegalovirus infection refers to a disease provoked by cytomegalovirus, which is a virus belonging to the subfamily of herpes viruses.

Cytomegalovirus Cytomegalovirus infection is a very common.If once it has penetrated into the body, it does not leave it more often, it continues to exist therein in a latent form and subsequently begins to appear only if decreased immunity.
Disease CMV susceptible HIV-infected people who have had a bone marrow transplantation or internal organs and are taking medications aimed at, in order to suppress the immune response.If a person is infected with infection for the first time, you may develop an acute infectious disease.Infestation can often occur in infants or in early childhood, most often this pattern occurs in developing countries, where the prevalence of infection is much higher among young people than in developed countries.
considered the most dangerous form of intrauterine cytomegalovirus infection, common in children whose mothers were trans
ferred primary CMV infection during their gestation.Often the effects of congenital CMV infection is a delay in the development of the child and the numerous adverse effects, including hearing loss and mental retardation.
When injected into the blood of a healthy human virus infections caused by a pronounced immune response is the formation of antibodies, followed by a rather complicated process steps infection.Generally, if a normal immune system, the occurrence of CMV infections occur without symptoms.Cells that were hit by cytomegalovirus, look typical - they increased in size, and therefore the virus got its name, and under the microscope they are similar to the "owl eyes".Transmission of the virus to uninfected individuals can even be asymptomatic carriers.The only exception is the transmission of the virus from mother to fetus, which occurs most often in the case of active infection, and only 5% of cases of congenital infection she says cytomegaly, in other cases of neonatal infection is also asymptomatic.

CMV Infection

Cytomegalovirus infection is not very contagious.So she passed on, need multiple contacts or prolonged physical communication.Infection is able to convey:
- by droplets: during conversation, coughing, sneezing, kissing, etc .;
- sexual way: together with the sperm, vaginal and cervical mucus;
- while the transfusion of blood and its components, which contain white blood cells;
- from mother to fetus.Such transmission is, most often occurs in the case of a primary infection or tsitamegalovirusnoy in the case of reactivation of latent infection during pregnancy.

treatment of cytomegalovirus infection

In the case of uncomplicated monkulyazopodobnogo syndrome special treatment of cytomegalovirus infection is required.In this case it is enough to be treated like the common cold and, most importantly, do not forget about drinking a lot of fluids.As the drug of choice for treatment of infections in patients at risk is used ganciclovir (Cymevene).To treat the infection using an intravenous form of the preparation.The efficacy of tablets was observed only as a preventive.It is also used for the treatment of foscarnet.It is believed that it is more effective in treating patients with HIV infection.

prevention of cytomegalovirus infection after treatment

Preventing infection is suitable for people who are at risk: HIV-infected individuals, particularly AIDS;persons who have been transferred to the transplantation of internal organs;Persons who suffer immunosuppressed.
Subject to the rules of personal hygiene, even with the most careful, it is impossible to avoid infection with cytomegalovirus, asspread of the virus occurs everywhere and transmission is by droplet infection.In this regard, prevention in patients with risk groups by using antiviral drugs: foscarnet, ganciclovir, acyclovir.
In addition, to reduce the risk of CMV infection, it is recommended to carefully select donors among recipients of internal organs and bone marrow, in view of their infection with CMV.