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Under varices understood development of the disease in which the veins lose their elasticity, they expand and stretch.Venous valves operate locks importance: the blood passes through the valves, lock locked and it can not flow back.If such a system begins to fail, then there is a possibility of free blood flow down and stagnation in the legs.Over time, increased congestion and prevents healthy working valves, blood enters the superficial veins, located just under the skin.They, in turn, stretched and lose their shape.Vienna swell and exude outward.Thus, developing varices.Symptoms of varicose veins

of varicose veins, translucent under the skin swell and look like twisted cords and knots.The skin over them becomes thinned, it is easy to injure, she later pigmented.With the development of varicose veins may join edema, venous ulcers.Blood flow in varicose veins more slow, there is a light trauma, and the presence of exposure to inflammatory changes predisposes to the development of thrombophlebitis.

For the first symptom is the appearance of varicose veins within a day leg edema, feeling of heaviness and fullness in the calves that appear in the event of a prolonged stay in a sitting or standing position.For varicose disease is characterized by the disappearance or significant reduction in these symptoms after a night of rest and walking.

varicose veins on the legs

little later to the first appearance of the symptoms of varicose veins added to bursting pain in the calves, feeling the heat in the feet and calves in the occurrence of night cramps.

addition to varicose disease characterized by the appearance on the legs of small vascular "stars" with blue-red tint, visibility dark blue intradermal veins, and finally, the expansion of saphenous veins that seem to begin to resemble overripe bunches of red grapes.

Causes of varicose veins

to the main reason of varicose veins of the lower extremities is:

  • presence of hereditary predisposition;
  • female as varicose veins provoked by pregnancy and hormonal drugs;
  • increase in venous pressure due to the conduct of sedentary lifestyles, static loads in a vertical position, obesity.

These causes varicose veins contribute not only to the fact that the veins expand, increase venous pressure, or disrupt the normal operation of the venous valves.A consequence of the disease may be abnormal blood flow in the veins of the lower extremities.They also caused aggravation of the disease, and over time, as many times increases the pressure on the venous system.

Women varices may develop due to hormonal disorders (for example, against the background of improperly selected contraception through hormones).In addition, often varicose veins pelvis and lower limb develops during gestation in women of child when growing pressure of the uterus on the abdominal vein is gradually increased, than in turn, hinders the outflow of blood through the veins of the legs.

In addition, intra-abdominal pressure increases with heavy lifting, sneezing, coughing, chronic constipation, etc., which also causes the development of disorders of the venous valves.

malfunction veins are quite natural for the elderly.

treatment of varicose veins for the treatment of varicose veins of the legs can be applied conservative and operative methods, but a significant cosmetic effect can be achieved only with the help of surgery.

as an auxiliary method in the treatment of varicose veins can be used medication or laser flebosklerozirovanie, the use of which is provided at a small (up to 1.5 mm) superficial veins.If flebosklerozirovaniyu used as an alternative to surgery, the possibility of severe complications - deep vein thrombosis.

Conservative methods of treatment of varicose veins are intended to slow the progression of the disease and its complications to deal with.

main conservative measures of treatment of varicose veins are:

  • reception and local use venotoniki;
  • wearing compression hosiery;
  • hygiene legs.

Prevention varicose

In the case of a minor expansion of varicose veins of the lower extremities recommended preventive measures for varicose veins: if your work sitting or standing, it is necessary to periodically move to give the muscles of the lower extremities dosage load vigorous walk, climb on your toes.Performing these exercises helps prevent varicose veins, and that will improve blood circulation, muscle shrink, enhances venous blood flow.

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