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Signs of pneumonia in adults and children

Pneumonia, and the people just "pneumonia" - is quite common and dangerous disease, which can carry serious consequences for the health and even the lives of people.

cause of pneumonia

As a rule, the occurrence of this disease provoke viruses and insufficiently treated respiratory diseases, such as influenza, SARS and even banal hypothermia.Often, we simply neglect their health, self-engaging or transferring disease "on their feet", but in many cases, such negligence makes itself known complications.Often - it is pneumonia, which differs from other respiratory diseases increased viscosity of sputum, so that the body can not cope with its excretion from the lungs.Consequently, sputum accumulate many harmful substances that are inhaled by man, as well as dust and other microscopic particles, causing inflammation.

signs of pneumonia in adults and children

Thus, signs of pneumonia in adults and children may include the following: fever, cough, chills, runny nose, nasal congestion, shortness of breath

with a distinct strain of the intercostal muscles, pain in the chest and in the abdomen, vomiting,, lack of appetite, decreased activity.In the most rare cases may cause cyanosis on the lips and on the fingertips.As a rule, the main symptoms of pneumonia in a painful cough and high temperature, which is very difficult to bring down, appear almost immediately after the onset of the inflammatory process, so it is often confused with acute bronchitis or the flu.

As signs of pneumonia in children and adults is almost the same, the course of the disease often has a similar character.A clear sign of advanced forms of pneumonia is a rust-colored sputum.If you notice such a manifestation of the disease in themselves or someone from your family and friends - immediately call an ambulance.

treatment of pneumonia in children and vzdroslyh

It should be noted that pneumonia in children treated with antibiotics, as in the case of diseases of adults, so mums better Popo their child pills a week, rather than endanger his life.In general, treatment of pneumonia lasts for one to two weeks, but in the case of mycoplasmal pneumonia treatment time may take 4 to 6 weeks.

It should also be remembered that after the pneumonia is necessary to follow a special diet.Thus, the broth of white chicken meat or Golubenkov considered "restorative elixir" after exhausting the body such diseases as pneumonia.That's why doctors strongly advised to replace the majority of dishes from the usual diet of the patient to the rehabilitation course.Vitamins are essential for those who have recently been ill with pneumonia, so apples, carrots and other fresh goodies will come in handy.

Thus, we are with you to find out what may be signs of pneumonia in adults and children.Now you are aware, and thus armed against this insidious disease, if it encroaches on your health or the health of your loved ones.Better, of course, if you do not have to practice to use the advice in this article!Be healthy!