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Removing the seed laser on legs

laser technique is the most modern method of treatment of seeds on his feet.The bones in the feet are a pathology in which the bent joint of the big toe.One of the phalanges of the thumb sticks out sideways, so that he formed "bump", which over time causes severe pain.The bones in the legs can be provoked by internal, external causes.In addition, it may be a genetic predisposition to the disease, if relatives have noted the presence of the next of kin seed on his feet.

stages of hallux valgus foot

allocate 3 stages of hallux valgus foot depending on the severity of the disease: early, middle and running.

stage bumps on legs

  • In the first stage of hallux valgus of the first toe provides for the application of conservative treatment, in which the possible appointment of a doctor using various insoles, other orthopedic devices, conducting massage and special exercises.
  • When diagnosing pathologies of moderate and severe surgical intervention is necessary.This may be used in the traditional method of surgery or las
    er removal of bone.The second method is becoming more popular due to the fact that it has a number of advantages in comparison with traditional surgery to remove the bones.

Symptoms pitted appearance on the legs

first sign of a seed on their feet is that the thumb gradually deviates outward, pulling the rest of the fingers.A further sign of the emergence of seed on his feet is forming at the base of the big toe small bumps.Over time, there is an increase cones.Perhaps the appearance of bumps in the redness and swelling.The thumb is increasingly deflected outwards.

Diagnostics bones on their feet

To diagnose stones in the legs, primarily conducted initial examination of the foot.To clarify the diagnosis and determine the stage of the disease, provided the use of X-rays.At the time of diagnosis is necessary to ascertain whether or not related diseases (e.g., cysts, arthritis, osteoporosis, periostitis etc.).Then, the doctor will determine the treatment method of bones in the feet.

Laser removal of stones on his feet

Laser removal of bones on the feet is performed in a hospital with a local anesthetic.The duration of the operation is about 1 hour.Discharged patients may already 1 day after surgery.Difference laser pitting on the legs of normal operation is that the bone does not cut and polished with a laser machine.The period of rehabilitation after surgery laser is a minimum of time - within 1.5 weeks after the conference the patient can walk normally.After the performance of the traditional operation for about 4 weeks, you need to comply with bed rest.

Bone surgery on his feet

After the removal of bones on their feet the laser is no need to impose corrective plaster or other means.It can be operated immediately 2 feet.After surgery, you need to be observed at the podiatrist to avoid the recurrence of the disease.

Disadvantages pitting on their feet laser

Disadvantages pitting on their feet is the high cost of laser treatments.Additionally, there may be difficulties in selecting clinics and physician.Since the removal of the stone laser technology is new, but nowadays few clinics may be offered such a service.

prevention of stones on his feet

To avoid the appearance of bones on the feet should attend to study the issue of prevention of this disease.Among preventive measures include wearing proper shoes, which will be wide in diameter, have a round toe.The very shoes should be made of soft material and have a heel no higher than 4 cm. If you want to wear shoes with heels, be sure to insert special insoles designed for high heels and having a cross-checker to support the foot.

should not forget that the jump occupations sports or jogging can also be triggered by the appearance of bones on the feet, as during exercise is marked overload the front arch of the foot.To solve this problem, you can wear a special sports footwear designed for a specific type of physical activity.

also for prevention of stones on the feet is recommended to walk barefoot on fine gravel or sand.Thanks to this great massage strengthens ligaments of the foot, it is possible to avoid the development of flat feet, and other diseases of the joints.

Preventing seed on his feet

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