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Under pruritus understood the feeling that causes the need for brushing the skin.In most cases it has neuro-allergic nature.Itching can act as a symptom of various skin diseases (urticaria, eczema, scabies, etc.) Or self skin disease (idiopathic pruritus).Typically, the clinical picture is even pronounced cases of scarce itching: identified point or line scratches on the itchy areas of skin.If persistent itching in some cases, the change is detected fingernails: there is the surface gloss, the free edge becomes ground off.In some patients, pruritus is a complication of pyoderma.Itching can occur continuously or episodic.Usually, it is characterized by the gain in the evening.Itching can be generalized and localized.

Generalized itching

emergence of generalized itching can be caused by:

  • occurrence of food intolerances (food itch appearing after consumption of spicy dishes, mushrooms, smoked pork and others.);
  • sensitizing drugs (drug itching due to antibiotics, sulfonamides, and others.);
  • response to changes in ambient temperature (heat and cold itch);
  • dry skin on the background of decreased function of the sebaceous glands;
  • presence of severe common diseases - diabetes, hepatitis, leukemia, malignant tumors, Hodgkin's disease;
  • neuropsychiatric disorders (neuroses, manic-depressive psychosis, dientsefalezov et al.).

localized itching

most commonly affected local anogenital pruritus (itching scrotum, anal itching, itching of the vulva) and scalp.Localized itching is often triggered by local factors (hemorrhoids, worm infestation, proctitis, prostatitis, belyami, candidiasis, seborrhea, and others.).Localized itching usually have paroxysmal character.

  • Anal itching is a pathological condition characterized by the appearance of persistent itching in the anus and perianal skin (common in women covered by itching vulva).
  • Under genital itching (itching of the vagina, scrotum, labia majora) is understood itching that occurs in the vulva, at least - in the vagina.

Treatment itching

the treatment of itching persists etiological factor, treated by the underlying disease, appointed compliance non-irritating diet, sedatives, antihistamines, taking a warm bath, using agitated suspensions or alcoholic rubdowns with menthol and anestezin may apply dimedrolovy cream corticosteroidointments.

Depending on the possibility of eliminating a factor that has led to the emergence of itching, in particular, the forecast of the disease, which causes itching, comes complete cure.

Anal itching

treatment of anal itching When the diagnosis of anal itching is assigned to the active mode of compliance.Treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis or in hospital if anal itching resistant and has a complicated course.The diet recommended for anal itching to refuse or limit the use of extractives (strong tea, coffee, chocolate), spicy food and alcoholic beverages.Banned or severely restricting smoking is.If there is a suspicion that itch arises in connection with the development of food allergies, it is necessary to limit consumption of citrus fruits, coffee, coca-cola, beer, spices.

to treat itching after stool must be obmytsya cool water, dry the skin with a gauze or toilet paper and attach to the anus multilayer gauze, dry, with pasta Lassara or baby powder.

If there is no occurrence of the effect of dieting and conduct hygiene measures necessary to carry out treatment, patients received proctitis, even if no relevant changes were identified by endoscopy.Running Course mikroklizm with 0.3% sodium protargola, Collargol or decoction of oak bark.Topically applied ointment "Aurobin", "ultraprokt."

Genital itching

genital itching treatment For genital itching need to avoid drinking beverages that contain caffeine.Underwear should be cotton.For washing away should use plain soap, take sitz baths with the addition of chamomile.In addition, when genital itching is recommended to eliminate other irritants Local doctors prescribe ointments and creams containing prednisolone, triamcinolone, hydrocortisone.Also in genital pruritus may be necessary to perform a surgical treatment - genital nerve resection (if conservative treatment measures were ineffective).