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Certainly each of us had to deal with insomnia at least once in life.Maybe it was before an important meeting, the night before the exam, etc.And instead of sleeping soundly and sleep, we lie for hours without sleep, painfully sorting options of upcoming events.Sometimes it is impossible to sleep after a hard day, you go to bed, dreaming of for relaxation, but then prevent any barely discernible sounds, the bed uncomfortable, you can not find a comfortable position - and the desire to sleep disappears forever.Similar problems regularly faced by 30-45% of people, half of them said that insomnia starts to have a chronic character.

Stages insomnia

three stages from insomnia.

  • The first of these is the emergence of difficulties with the beginning of sleep, when there are presomnicheskie disorders, ieproblems falling asleep.And people gradually forms whole ritual "bedtime", may cause "fear of the bed" or fear that the dream will not come.
  • to the breakdown of the second phase of insomnia are frequent
    nocturnal awakening, are provoked by sounds or heavy sleep, nightmares, feeling pain, respiratory failure, sudden movements, after which a person can not fall asleep for a long time.
  • In the third stage marked the emergence of the problem of heavy morning surge, feelings of weakness, reduced efficiency, drowsiness.

In addition, you may encounter cases where from a man come complaints that he "did not sleep a wink during the night", and during the examination the doctor revealed that he was asleep, and sleep duration is not less than5 hours per day.This situation is called a distorted perception of sleep (sleep agnosia).

Treatment of insomnia

the treatment of insomnia should learn to sleep properly.We must try to organize a schedule of work and rest, make it a rule to take before bedtime relaxing, warm bath, you may need a course autotrenninga.

If the cause of insomnia has become a severe fatigue, stress, that may be adopted hypnotic, but it should not forget that we need to strictly follow the rules of the drug, and that the duration of any use of hypnotics should not exceed 10-14 days.As a rule, during this period there is no form of addiction and dependence, and there are no problems on the abolition of the drug.

If after all the measures taken by you are still having bouts of insomnia, it is necessary to appeal to a sleep doctor.Perhaps they will be assigned to conduct additional examination by a neurologist.In the treatment of insomnia can be assigned to physical therapy, phototherapy, psychotherapy, acupuncture course.Causes of insomnia

  • first reason .The causes of insomnia may include the impact of external factors.Sleeps need silence, darkness, fresh air, warm and comfortable bed.If at least one item from this list is not found, it is likely that you will not be able to fully sleep.
  • second reason insomnia is the lack of rest, which is an integral part of life.Provide your legs and arms, as well as the weary body rest, otherwise you might feel a constant zagnannosti, symptoms of insomnia.It is necessary to carefully plan the working day and calculate their strength.Fitness classes in the evening must end no later than 08.09 o'clock to ensure that the organism was time to tune in to sleep.Before going to bed is recommended to walk in the fresh air, you can listen to relaxing music or read a book.The weekend is not desirable to allow yourself a long stay in bed, because the best way to combat fatigue is an active change of activity, rather than long sleep, which is caused by the so-called migraine weekend.
  • third reason insomnia is an explosion of emotions.If you can not sleep because of a nervous overexcitement, and you sleep is essential, you should try to relax before bedtime.This can take a bath at bedtime, adding a few drops of soothing aromatic oil (it may be rose oil, lavender, cinnamon or valerian).Useful to perform a massage before bedtime.At night you can drink a glass of warm milk with honey or lemon balm tea.
  • fourth reason appearance of insomnia is stress.Women are more sensitive to what is happening around the challenges and changes, and unresolved issues or conflicts workers can easily drive them yourself in a stressful condition.Coming home, you need to take it a rule to keep all the workers of care beyond the threshold.Dressed in a comfortable home clothes , you need to imagine that you "shoot" all the cares of the day.It is not necessary to ship people close to you with stories about their problems at work, if you know that the family can not help you anything.
  • Fifth cause of insomnia is a flow of information.World Rights recently overflowed all kinds of information that enters the brain through the phones, computers, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio.To happened glut of information, it should be sorted in order of importance and not to worry that "it is impossible to grasp the immensity."It is very legible relate to what you are watching on TV before bedtime.Melodramas and thrillers have an effect on the psyche as doping, and they can be triggered by nightmares.You should not stay too long at the computer late into the night.
  • Sixth cause insomnia are bad habits.The most common causative agents of the nervous system and inveterate enemies of normal sleep are coffee, cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Seventh cause of insomnia can be food, the quality of which depends on the quality of sleep.It should limit the use of flour and fat, eat more salads, raw fruits and vegetables.Meals should be varied, do not forget to include in your diet of fish and seafood.It is also worth remembering mineral preparations and multivitamins.Dinner should not be late, because the digestive system needs some rest.
  • eighth cause of insomnia may be night vigils that are operational needs (in shift work and night mode, for example, are working sailors, doctors, guards) or occur periodically (for example, the sleepless nights after the birth).
  • Ninth cause of insomnia may be a time zone.During migration of rapid change in time zones made negative adjustments to sleep.To restore normal rhythm of sleep, you need two 2.In this case, do not try to deal with insomnia taking sleeping pills, it is best to listen to your body and the body does not focus on the desire to sleep, as it often wears more than the insomnia itself.
  • Tenth cause of insomnia may be frightening dreams.Of course, the awakening of the night in fear unpleasant, but, according to psychologists, our brain is trying to get rid of unpleasant and intrusive thoughts or memories .

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