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Human genetic passport - meaning and fulfillment

under genetic passport person understands the document, which contains information about the genetic individuality.This information can be obtained from the analysis of DNA, and it reflects a certain combination of letters and numbers.The information contained in the genetic passport genetic information is universal, it can understand the genetics of any country.The genetic data sheet contains information on the negligible proportion of human DNA - it listed the results of the analysis of all 16 regions of DNA.But in order to identify specific individual information that is more than enough.In fact, the genetic passport person - a "genetic fingerprint".

value of human genetic passport

human genetic passport is a set of data on the presence in its genome specific point changes (mutations, polymorphisms), or "SNPs".Application expedient diagnosis of genetic diseases, primarily in order to assess their risk, especially in case of strong family heredity.By providing early diagnosis a person can begin pre

ventive measures, timely treatment and improve their quality of life.

genetic passport makes it possible to establish the degree of the patient's susceptibility to diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, cancer, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, thrombophilia, and many other serious illnesses.

If a person has a genetic map, then using it the opportunity to implement targeted preventive measures with respect to diseases that are most threatened by a particular person, and effective prevention of their occurrence.

The genetic passport in humans

genetic passport person is strictly individual, it does not change throughout life.The information contained in the genetic identification passport of the person can not be used to harm a person, even in theory.The genetic passport there is no information about the diseases of man, his behavior and physical features.Such a passport is a kind of "bar code" assigned to each person by nature.More recently, it has become accessible to experts geneticists after analysis of human DNA.

First of all, the genetic identification passport is required for people whose profession associated with increased risk for the life of rescuers, soldiers, miners, sailors, pilots, etc.Therefore it is recommended to have a passport and travel enthusiasts, extreme athletes, tourists and people who go to work in another city or outside of the country.

value of human genetic passport can be seen as an insurance policy: there is no need for daily life, and there is no guarantee that it will come in handy.But if a person's health or well-being was a trouble, he is a great help.Ideally, genetic passport should be in every human being.In Russia, according to statistics, the missing disappear annually 120 thousand people.After verification of the data obtained by analysis of any biological material (blood stains, a few hair, single cells remaining on the toothbrush, cigarette butts, etc.), with the data indicated in the genetic passport specialist geneticist with the highest accuracy canhave concluded the ownership of human biological material, which had been prepared in advance genetic passport.

Performing genetic passport person

To order a genetic identification passport, needs a fence DNA sample surveyed.This pattern can be obtained very easily, quickly and simply.The genetic passport can be ordered to carry out through the mail, e-mail or phone.The genetic identification passport made for 10-20-day, on request is possible to perform work in a shorter time.

a result of testing a person receives a report, which indicated the presence of susceptibility to specific diseases.If in the moment of the investigated person has some kind of genetic disease, the specialist can provide advice on monitoring and treatment of disease, diet, physical activity, drug therapy.

genetic passport women

The genetic passport women present information about the genes that affect the risk of miscarriage, occurrence during pregnancy pathologies of multifactorial diseases, oncological diseases and diseases of the immune system, the metabolism of drugs.In addition, genetic passport women includes diagnostics carriage most frequently occurring mutations common hereditary diseases.

genetic passport men

genetic passport in men include genes that affect the reproductive capacity, the risk of multifactorial disorders, drug metabolism, the risk of immune diseases and cancer.Also, the genetic passport men includes diagnostics carrier most frequently occurring mutations common hereditary diseases.

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