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Intestinal Flu Symptoms and Treatment

Intestinal influenza - gastroenteritis is caused by a variety of viruses, parasites, bacteria and is characterized by inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

intestinal flu, to a greater extent are children, but adults can also pick up an infection, but the disease have often passes almost asymptomatically, that is,in latent form.The body of an adult is attacked calicivirus in particular this includes Norfolk, body of a child suffering from rotavirus, astroviruses, adenoviruses and noroviruses, which are extremely resistant to aggressive environment, and even survive the freeze.The source of the disease serves the patient whose body contains a large number of pathogenic viruses, so that risk are a large number of people around the patient.Also, intestinal flu is transmitted through poor quality or poorly washed fresh produce, such as milk and dairy products, vegetables, as well as the source of the disease may be tap water is not affected by boiling, and you can catch not only in the use of water

inside, but also in normal bathing.Not ruled out a way to contact-household transmission, especially in places where accumulates a lot of people.

When disease is a violation of the structure of the mucous membrane in the small intestine due to virus attack, as a result, many nutrients, such as carbohydrates, are beginning to be absorbed much worse, and there is a significant increase in the osmotic pressure.This results in output of a large quantity of fluid from the tissues into the gut, causing diarrhea.

Let us see what is the intestinal flu: symptoms and treatments that are characteristic of this infection.

Symptoms of intestinal flu

Symptoms of flu include intestinal cramps in the abdomen, vomiting or nausea, diarrhea.Intestinal flu can also be accompanied by symptoms such as headache, fever and swollen lymph nodes.There are times that on this basis the patient starts coughing and a runny nose, with the result that you can put misdiagnosis - the seasonal flu.When the erroneous diagnosis of treatment can aggravate the situation.It is necessary to monitor the state of the body, and if dehydrated, it is necessary to take immediate action.

Treatment of intestinal flu

Because the disease is most dangerous to humans is dehydration, the main direction of the treatment of intestinal flu must be to restore the body's level of the required amount of liquid, salts and trace elements.In order to bring the water and mineral balance in the rate, you must use special solutions, purchased at a pharmacy, containing the mineral salts such as rehydron.To restore also suitable mineral water without gas, and stewed fruit.To restore the damaged cells of the stomach helps the adoption of peppermint or chamomile herbal infusions, and to suppress vomiting can smell the fresh citrus.For the treatment of intestinal flu need to follow a diet that includes oatmeal cooked in water, dairy products and tea without sugar with white crackers.In the treatment of intestinal flu do not need to take antibiotics.Treatment is best held in infants who receive maternal antibodies along with her milk, which can kill the pathogen.So kids, feeding mother's milk, are not susceptible to infection by intestinal flu.

prevention of intestinal flu

For the prevention of infection by intestinal flu, the most effective way is to hygiene, use clean water and boiled milk, thorough washing of purchased fruits and vegetables, and avoiding places where obviously possible contamination.Enhance resilience of the immune system contributes to the adoption of interferon.In the future, scientists can design separate from the intestinal flu vaccine, which will prevent the penetration of infection into the body.

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