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Reasons burp after a meal

Under belching understood exit air from the esophagus or stomach back, accompanied by a sharp sound and smell characteristic of recently ingested food.Rarely is a pleasant smell, as food lodged in the stomach, treated with hydrochloric acid, and it begins to break down.The most common and less burping, appearing after consumption of food is found in every human being.Almost all of her face after popyut soda.A major reason for the excitement is belching, which appears after taking a small amount of food or drink.

Belching after eating

burp after a meal should not be regarded as a separate disease, because it is a sign of the emergence of a number of diseases, mainly developing in the gastrointestinal tract.It makes no sense to hold a separate treatment of regurgitation after eating, is to understand the reasons of its occurrence, eliminate them, and gradually burp pass.


belching Belching may also occur in healthy individuals in the event of power rhythm.But also we should not lose focus of w

hat the cause of belching can be many serious diseases.Then we have the physiological burp, which can be single, as well as pathological, which is usually repeated.

Belching after eating causes

Causes belching after eating in healthy people

Underlying causes of belching after eating in healthy people is the fact that in the process of food a person ingests a small amount of air.This state is called aerophagia, and it is not a pathological process. This situation may arise:

  • if you eat on the go or fast, swallowing air during rush portions, which are then output;
  • when eating, especially if the presence of marked decrease in natural enzymatic functions.The human body is able to digest any amount of food to nearly 40 years, then it is not recommended to abuse, since it is possible the emergence of burping air;
  • when talking during the meal.In this ingested air, causing regurgitation;
  • if healthy man drinking a glass of fizzy drink.In this case, water is absorbed and the air exit;
  • if a person had to go to great physical stress immediately after a meal.Then there is a violation of natural peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract and the emergence of air burping after a meal.During normal digestion postprandial must lie dormant at least 2-3 hours;
  • in the case of abuse of chewing gum as excessive chewing movements of the stomach loses its normal rhythm, what gives rise to belching the remnants of food eaten;
  • during the second half of pregnancy in women when the growing uterus naturally propped up from below the diaphragm, causing belching;
  • in infants when they are in the act of sucking during the meal swallowed portion of the air together with the milk.No reason to worry, if this is not accompanied by belching sour smell quite right to put the baby to breast or bottle-feed.

To resolve this labor burp recommended to eat slowly and chew food.You should also change your daily routine, allocating as much time to eat, it was impossible to overeating or eating the food on the go dry rations.

Difficulties arise when getting rid of regurgitation in the presence of health problems.Then burp constantly accompanies the meal, and sooner or later one becomes compelled to go to the doctor.

Causes belching after eating at diseases

The most common cause of belching after eating at diseases include:

  • presence of anatomical defects in the structure of the stomach or esophagus.This may be caused by narrowing of the lumen of the stomach, bend, hernia of the esophagus;
  • detection of disorders of the stomach and esophagus.Then burp after eating can occur due to violations of peristalsis of the stomach wall, mucosal inflammation, increased or decreased gastric acidity.In cases of inflammation of the walls and the high content of hydrochloric acid as a future development of the symptoms of the ulcer becomes acid regurgitation.If insufficient quantities of hydrochloric acid for a long time the food stagnates in the stomach, and belching after eating is putrid;
  • occurrence of irregularities in the biological filter - the liver and gallbladder.Those authorities shall take part in the process of digestion, they secrete enzymes into the duodenum 12, in particular, to digest fatty foods.In case of violation of these functions, there will be a stagnation of food in the stomach, which will be triggered by the occurrence of burping after a meal, but having a bitter taste.Furthermore, disruption of the gallbladder may be caused by stones therein and hence may appear belching;
  • development disorders in 12 duodenum and pancreas.In the case of inflammation of these organs involved in digestion, begins to produce fewer enzymes than necessary to entering the food properly processed.One of the early signs of pancreatitis and duodenitis is the emergence of belching after eating;
  • occurrence of irregularities in the small and large intestines.In the event of dysbiosis, when disturbed balance of beneficial microflora, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is faltering, and therefore there is belching;
  • presence of pathologic gastroesophageal reflux, when food is thrown into the stomach of the duodenum 12.The occurrence of reflux occurs when food enters the stomach into the esophagus;
  • presence of malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, which not only disrupted the activities of all parts of the gastrointestinal tract, but also creates a mechanical barrier to food passes.

In rare cases, the cause of belching after eating may be the presence of cardiovascular disease (coronary artery disease, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction), diseases of the nervous system (neurosis of the stomach, vegetative-vascular dystonia), psychosis, with various etiologies, worminvasions (Giardia, roundworm, toxocara).


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