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Heel spur - Spurs ultrasound treatment and UHT

In addition to traditional methods of treatment of heel spurs, it can be eliminated with the help of ultrasound and shock wave therapy (SWT).Carrying shock wave therapy is recognized as one of the most effective treatments for heel spurs.This method is aimed primarily at the to reduce pain.Heel spur - treatment spur ultrasound and shock wave therapy.

Treatment of heel spurs ultrasound

Currently become increasingly popular use of ultrasound for the treatment of heel spurs.To establish a special equipment, acting as a source of ultrasonic waves.Using ultrasound most painful heel area is heated no more than 2 degrees, thereby accelerating the metabolism and the damaged tissue is regenerated.Furthermore, ultrasound does that improves blood circulation and also has antispasmodic and resolving action.

heel spur treatment with ultrasound

Advantages of ultrasound treatment of heel spurs

the treatment of heel spurs ultrasound is allocated a number of advantages, including:

  • absence of pain.In addition, during the procedure the patient f
    eels gentle massage;
  • the minimum time required for the procedure, the duration of which is about 15 minutes;
  • triple nature of the effects of ultrasound on the muscle: mechanical, thermal and physical and chemical.

Contraindications to ultrasound treatment of heel spurs

When the heel spur ultrasound treatment can be carried out only if there are no adverse factors. Contraindications to the use of ultrasound include:

  • presence of pronounced disorders of the nervous system;
  • identification in heel spurs thrombophlebitis;
  • cardiac arrhythmias;
  • presence of acute infections, intoxication;
  • low blood pressure;
  • pregnancy.

Treatment of heel spurs UHT

For the procedure UHT used special equipment, the principle of which is to assist certain areas of tissue exposure to the shock sound wave.The method of shock wave therapy incorporated the use of pulses of sound waves having a predetermined frequency, which have an impact on the affected area of ​​the body.Shock sound wave transmission of impulses is blocked pain receptors, thereby reducing pain and sensitivity.By using this method, the salt deposits become looser.Marked reduction in the burden on a bunch, due to "washout" of salt deposits, tissue regeneration is more active, reduced swelling, pain persists.In addition, there is an acceleration of metabolic processes in the tissues, cells start the recovery process.That is, the shock wave therapy has the ability to reduce and eliminate heel pain and speed up recovery.

Spurs UHT treatment

Before treatment of heel spurs using UHT patient is mandatory for inspection at the orthopedist, he carried out an X-ray examination, if necessary, can be carried out with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).In addition, the patient should be tested for blood clotting (coagulation).

Before the UHT podiatrist using palpation determined the area of ​​localization of pain, usually located in the central portion of the bottom surface of the heel.In some cases, this area is slightly shifted downwards.The doctor then proceeds to conduct the procedure UHT, impacting on the identification of the area of ​​the pain.Generally, treatment of heel spurs via UHT includes conducting 7 treatments lasting 20-30 minutes each.It is best to hold them with breaks for 3-4 days.During exacerbation of pain in the heel, the procedure laid until they subsided.

session UHT procedure itself takes quite simple.On the skin, which is pre-lubricated with gel, the doctor sets a small transmitter-applicator beginner package 1500 pulses through the skin for 1 session.Its installation is carried out at a right angle to the skin.Thereafter, the soft tissue at a depth of 4 cm receives energy pulse.Wave propagation predetermined frequency in the liquid medium is easy, so they quickly pass through the soft tissues are reflected from the bone.Thus, the depth of pass "micro".Samu therapy doctor can be carried out in the supine or sitting position of the patient.

Advantages of UHT treatment of heel spurs

The main advantages of UHT treatment of heel spurs are:

  • high efficiency of the method;
  • no side effects;
  • the possibility of out-patient treatment;
  • small duration of the procedure;
  • no surgery;
  • painless procedure.

Contraindications for the treatment of heel spurs UHT

the treatment of heel spurs shock wave therapy can be used for virtually all patients due to the minimal risk of side effects, but still there are some states where such treatment of heel spurs using UHTundesirable. Contraindications for the treatment of heel spurs are UHT:

  • during pregnancy;
  • identify hypotension;
  • presence of acute infectious diseases;
  • presence of acute intoxication;
  • diagnosis thrombophlebitis of veins of the lower extremities (presence of blood clots that block the venous lumen);
  • detection of malignant neoplasms in the outbreak of the disease;
  • points of presence of bone growth in children under 18 years of age;
  • diagnosis fragility of the vascular wall;
  • detection of cardiac arrhythmias;
  • presence of diseases of the nervous system with a bright clinical picture;
  • low blood pressure.

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