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The three main stages of coxarthrosis of the hip

Coxarthrosis, also called osteoarthritis of the hip differs unobtrusive and gradual development.Onset of symptoms at the same time possibly for several years, they are characterized by a gradual increase until the person is forced to see a doctor.But by this time, generally, the disease has developed sufficiently, resulting in the treatment of certain difficulties arise.Consider the three main stages of coxarthrosis of the hip joint.

Species koksartroza hip

There are two kinds of hip coxarthrosis: unilateral and bilateral.Bilateral coxarthrosis affected simultaneously, both hips, but this form of doctors faced quite rare.Since it is hip experiencing constant high load, which is the cause of its deformation, the disease is fairly common.

first stage koksartroza

There are three main stages of coxarthrosis of the hip joint.For koksartroza 1 degree characterized by the appearance of serious physical exertion after recurring pain.In most cases, the pain is localized in the hip joint, it is rarely possi

ble appearance in the knee or hip.After a rest the pain disappears.At first degree koksartroza longer appears no symptoms and therefore often appeared as a minor symptom is ignored by people, they do not go to the doctor, and the disease continues to progress.In addition, in the first stage of coxarthrosis begin to appear small bony growths located around the outer or inner edge of the articular surface.Also on joint space narrowing it appears uneven.These minor changes to man is not delivered inconvenience, since the mobility of the joint is not limited.Treatment commenced on the first stage of disease, the most effective and less complicated.

second stage koksartroza

On 2 stage coxarthrosis pains appear more serious, they are characterized by strengthening and adoption of an intensive character.This may cause pain even during rest, it returns to the thigh and groin.In the second stage of the disease disrupts the joint, long walks there limp, hip abduction and internal rotation of the hip become severely limited.It starts loss of muscle strength, extensor and abductor hip.In addition, changes are visible on radiographs.Very noticeable are bony growths, with their possible going beyond the lip of cartilage.Also, there are deformation of the femoral head, the distortion of its contour and increased volume.In most parts of loaded joints can form cysts.There strong and irregular narrowing of the gap of the hip, loss of up to 2/3 of the initial height.

third stage koksartroza

the third stage of coxarthrosis pains begin to take a permanent nature, perhaps even their appearance at night.The patient has difficulty in walking, he had to move, to walk with a cane.There marked limitation of motion in the hip joint, begins atrophy of leg muscles, hips and buttocks, the affected leg becomes shorter.It was in connection with the shortening leg gait changes and the load on the affected joint is increased.

the third stage koksartroza greatly increased bone growths can get to that joint space disappears, and the joint is fused into a single bone structure, because of what they lost mobility.At this stage of the disease damaged joint replaced with a special prosthesis.

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