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Symptoms and Causes of eczema disgidroticheskoy

Eczema is a chronic disease development polietiologichesky having cutaneous manifestations.Disease slope to relapse, in dermatological practice serves as the most common cause of disability.This clinical disease is allocated several forms depending on the localization of the pathogenesis and etiology.One of them is disgidroticheskaya eczema.Consider the symptoms and causes of eczema disgidroticheskoy.

disgidroticheskoy eczema symptoms

In case of eczema disgidroticheskoy a pronounced primary symptoms include:

  • appearance of vesicles, located deep in the epidermis, causing severe itching;
  • appearance of bubbles filled with clear serous fluid;
  • group distribution of spots;
  • appearance of characteristic symptoms of the disease on the palms, back of the hands, feet.

Eczema blisters on fingers Because of compromising the integrity of the bubbles on the skin of the hands and fingers occur erosive changes.If cracks occur in erosive changes fall pathogens reinfection occurs, which entails disgidroticheskoy chronic eczema.If ther

e is no injury to erosion, destroying the integrity of the tissue by mechanical means, there is coverage of affected areas of dense crust of yellow or brown tint.This disease is especially the fact that after the vesicles healed remains noticeable dark spots.

possible course of the disease at the same time in all phases, so if the inspection may be observed primary cells rash, scaling, erosion, suppurating blisters and other symptoms.In most cases, the disease is chronic with periods of exacerbation and remission.

reasons disgidroticheskoy eczema

The most common causes of eczema are disgidroticheskoy:

  • presence of contacts with surfactants;
  • presence of factors relating to occupational hazards;
  • irrational use of medicines, cosmetics and detergents;
  • applying neuro-psihichekoy injury or transfer of long-term stress;
  • occurrence of abrasions, burns, abrasions;
  • effects of solar radiation;
  • hypothermia;
  • development infektsionnyz diseases.

from person to person disgidroticheskaya eczema is not passed .In some cases, is impossible to determine the specific cause of the disease is not possible.Half of people with eczema disgidroticheskoy revealed the presence of a genetic predisposition to the development of allergies, hay fever parents, asthma, atopic dermatitis into adulthood.In an important place in the etiology disgidroticheskoy eczema is a violation of perspiration, especially hyperhidrosis of feet and palms, arises because of the lability of the autonomic nervous system, disorders of the neuroendocrine regulation of the endocrine glands.

Symptoms disgidroticheskoy eczema on the hands and feet Disgidroticheskaya hand eczema in children can be triggered by neuro-arthritic and catarrhal-exudative diathesis.Under such conditions, there is increased excitability of the autonomic nervous system, in particular, rash and hand brake.Often faced with eczema disgidroticheskoy cleaners, washers, employees of service stations, chemical plants, plasterers, that is, those persons who have direct contact with aggressive agents of the nature of their activities.

Treatment disgidroticheskoy eczema

Disgidroticheskaya eczema responds poorly to treatment.The factors include the presence of provoking acute stress, exposure to surfactants and other chemical agents, the emergence of micro traumas, abrasions palms and feet, excessive sun exposure, allergies.Elements disgidroticheskoy eczema rashes occurring on the fingers in case of transfer of high stress in the hot season, may disappear on their own after the causes are eliminated, with the exclusion of the probability of secondary infection.

If you do not have a medical education, do not try to put a diagnosis independently and treat, since most medical errors may be due to patients.In case of delayed treatment to the experts for help and self-medication may be a significant distortion of the clinical picture is much more difficult than the qualitative diagnosis of the disease.Disgidroticheskaya eczema hands and feet on its symptoms are similar to contact dermatitis mycosis disgidroticheskim plantar-palmar psoriasis and other forms of eczema.To distinguish from eczema disgidroticheskuyu mycosis, you must use the laboratory method in which a microscope is investigated scraping tissue.In addition, these two diseases may be diagnosed combined and detected in a single patient.