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Treatment aseptic necrosis in various stages

The hip joint consists of a femoral head and an indentation in the pelvis, called the acetabulum.Normally, should be to the femoral head has been inserted into the acetabulum and by the ligaments fixed therein.The articular surface of the head has the shape of a hemisphere, and under the acetabulum should be understood recess having a smooth circular wall in the form of bowls.Due to the presence of this form of contact surfaces, the foot may be in different directions to make the motion of large amplitude.If there is necrosis of the bone substance of the femoral head in places where it accounts for the largest load, developing aseptic necrosis of the hip.

symptoms of aseptic necrosis

Aseptic necrosis is a severe degenerative (associated with blood circulation and metabolism) disease.When aseptic necrosis of a gradual destruction of the femoral head, the formation of the edges of bone formation (osteophytes), changes in the structure of the acetabulum and the formation of deforming arthrosis of the hi

p joint.Movement in the joint severely limited until the complete immobilization.Under necrosis refers to the process flow of necrosis of tissue, which can cause a variety of reasons.The term "aseptic" means that in this disease necrosis occurs in a sterile environment, that is, the microorganisms in the process do not participate.

flow of avascular necrosis has certain stages, which depend on what degree of damage to the structures of the hip joint.Each stage has substantially the same symptoms but their nature and severity of change.

The symptoms of avascular necrosis of the hip joint include:

  • of pain;
  • atrophy of soft tissues of the thigh;
  • reducing the load on the injured leg, moving to a healthy pace most of the body;
  • decrease in range of motion in the joint.

Treatment of avascular necrosis

Perhaps a conservative and surgical treatment of avascular necrosis of the hip.Conservative treatment of necrosis aims to prevent or slow the progression of the disease;reduce or remove the pain;improve joint function.The conservative treatment of avascular necrosis included:

  • adoption of NSAIDs and corticosteroids to relieve pain, reduce inflammation in the joints of patients and normalize metabolic processes;
  • perform physical therapy;
  • physiotherapy at which the electrophoresis with novocaine, apply paraffin, ultrasound, ozokerite, diadynamic currents, balneotherapy, etc .;
  • implementation of orthopedic treatment: the use of orthopedic pilings for the prevention of contractures, etc .;
  • conduct massage to increase contractile function of the muscles and restore their functions.

Treatment at the initial stage

Surgical treatment of avascular necrosis of the hip is different depending on the stage of the disease.At the initial stage to the main objectives of the operation are:

  • restore blood circulation in the tissues of the hip;
  • eliminate venous congestion.

treatment in the second stage

If the disease has been found in the second stage, then:

  • need to change the position of the femoral head against the acetabulum so that destroyed most of the head portion was removed from the load;
  • need to improve the blood supply to the joints and reduce the intraosseous blood pressure;
  • necessary to increase the mechanical strength of the damaged portions of the head.

During the treatment of avascular necrosis in the later stages of joint destruction are replaced with a prosthesis to restore the function of the lower limb.

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