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Symptoms of hip fracture and first aid

With age, human bones become more brittle and fragile, resulting in injury for quite a little stumble.In particular, a lot of problems and troubles that require urgent solutions, there is a bone fracture in the hip.The most important thing to be able to provide adequate first aid - know the symptoms of a hip fracture.

symptoms of hip fracture

The symptoms of hip fracture is the emergence of pain that is concentrated in the groin.The pain is not sharp, and therefore the patient can not require the state to its attention.If you attempted to move, for the pain characteristic of the gain.It also becomes stronger, if you try to knock on the heel of the foot, the man who allegedly broke a light tapping.

At the turn of the hip external rotation appears, iebroken leg slightly turned outwards, that seen on foot.

addition, a symptom of hip fracture is a shortening of one leg.Its absolute height remains unchanged, but noted the relative shortening of approximately 2-4 cm. If you straighten your legs gently, o

ne foot is always somewhat shorter.This is due to a fractured bone, so that the muscles contract and tighten the leg closer to the pelvis.

Another symptom of which can be suspected hip fracture, is the formation of "stuck" heel.If you ask the victim to straighten the leg and hold it in the air, something he could not do that because the heel will always slide over the surface of the bed, although it is possible to perform other movements (flexion, extension).

There are hip fractures, when the patient can go several days or even weeks, but these situations are rare.In these cases, the symptoms of a hip fracture are the same, but differ in that there is a slight pain in the area of ​​the greater trochanter and in the groin, and the person does not lose the ability to move.

diagnosis of hip fracture

When hip fracture usually diagnosis is straightforward.Accurate diagnosis is possible with a clinical examination.From the patient's complaints on the emergence of pain in the hip.There shortening of the affected limb, rotirovka it outwards, the inability of the patient to tear the heel of the bed.All this usually confirms holding radiographs.

First aid for fractures of the femoral neck

when administering first aid when a femoral neck fracture should not try to give a leg habitual position.First of all, you need to put the victim on his back, leg locked with the tires, be sure to capturing the knee and hip joints, and only after that can be delivered to a medical institution.

treatment of hip fractures

treatment of hip fractures cause great difficulties.For fusion conditions are unfavorable, as this area has a local anatomical features.Besides, it is very difficult to immobilize.Typically, bone fracture healing occurs after 6-8 months.

Simultaneously, prolonged bed rest in the elderly can cause the development of congestive pneumonia, thromboembolism, pressure sores, which is a major cause of high mortality.Therefore, the elderly should not be used treatments, associated with prolonged immobilization of the patient.

If you have hip fractures in the most rational use surgery.If it is contraindicated, should be carried out early mobilization - apply skeletal traction.The purpose of this method is to save the patient's life.The operation is performed for urgent indications.If it is impossible to perform on the day of arrival, the operation is applied to the skeletal traction.

the treatment of hip fracture efficient use of massage, which helped to cope with the stagnation of the blood, provoking increased pain.Good help light stroking massage performed by foot to the body.It is also desirable to establish device with which at least will be able to lift your pelvis from the bed to the sacrum was able to relax, with no possibility to turn to the side.