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The value of melatonin to humans and the indications for use

identifies several hormones, due to a lack of which has a significant impact on the acceleration of the aging process of the body, one of them is melatonin.The production of melatonin by the pineal gland is carried out - endocrine organ located in the brain.It noted a significant reduction in the synthesis of melatonin over the years.In particular, for this reason, older people have insomnia.The value of melatonin to humans, so quite large, and the indications for the use of drugs, which contain melatonin varied.

Melatonin for the human body

There diurnal cycles of life and when the human body produces melatonin.How intense is its synthesis it depends on the light conditions.In the case of an excess of light slows down his education, while a decrease in light - increases the secretion.At night, produced about 70% of melatonin, the increase in its synthesis observed after 8 pm, a peak is observed at 3am.In the synthesis of melatonin is a negative impact:

  • long daylight hours (for example, in the sum
    mer in the northern latitudes);
  • serotonin deficiency, from which melatonin is produced in the pineal gland;
  • sports activities in the evening hours.

need for the body to melatonin is increased by the following factors:

  • long night (in northern latitudes in winter);
  • cold darkened bedroom;
  • predominance in the diet of plant foods;
  • use of certain medications, such as antidepressants;
  • overdose of vitamins B6 and B3.

Today there are medicines made by melatonin.Melatonin received in tablets, has a wide range of therapeutic effects.Thus the adverse effects are virtually absent.In particular, it is stimulated by a number of positive metabolic and hormonal changes, inhibits the aging process.

One of the most significant values ​​of melatonin for the human body is that the preparation in which the active substance acts melatonin improves sleep quality: its rate and depth.In particular, melatonin can be used to synchronize the circadian rhythms of jet lag.

If melatonin synthesis occurs normally, the normal night's sleep: the dream become saturated, emotional.In addition, melatonin increases the body's resistance to psycho-emotional stress, it acts as a universal adaptogen, and they have a positive effect on the microcirculation and blood flow to the brain.

other values ​​of melatonin for the human body are:

  • possess the ability to prevent cancer of the uterus, ovary, breast, prostate;
  • prevention of senile osteoporosis;
  • influencing the carbohydrate and fat metabolism;
  • reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood;
  • normalization of blood pressure.

level of melatonin is associated with improved potency in men, reduction of climacteric syndrome.In addition, melatonin also has a beneficial effect on the recovery of liver function, activation of its detoxification function.

Indications for the use of melatonin

indications for the use of drugs, which contain melatonin, are:

  • occurrence of insomnia;
  • presence of vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • development tachycardia;
  • the situation of general weakness;
  • presence of menopause and autonomic manifestations;
  • development of neurasthenia, neuroses with increased irritability, fear, anxiety, emotional lability;
  • providing preventive treatment of peptic ulcer disease;
  • prophylaxis of seasonal exacerbations of chronic diseases;
  • adaptation to the change of time zones;
  • prophylaxis and treatment disinhronozov (especially on long flights, while working the night shift);
  • need arises antioxidants to protect against oxidative stress, which neutralize the toxic free radicals and protect thereby the neurons of the brain that it is struck by active oxygen fractions;
  • chemotherapy and radiotherapy oncology patients for the purpose of immunorehabilitation.

a drug as an active ingredient which acts as melatonin, effectively restores the duration of all phases of sleep, especially deep, accelerated phase of sleep.In this regard, the most common area of ​​application of preparations containing melatonin is diagnosis of sleep disorders, of different origin.