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Treatment and prevention of periodontal disease

Under periodontal disease refers to a group of degenerative diseases of the gums.Direct cause of inflammation in the tissues of the gums - the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in dental plaque.In addition to microbial factors, inflammatory and degenerative changes appear to periodontal background of some malformations dental system: pathology bite abnormalities of the teeth.Microbes loosened gum tissue is destroyed the tooth-gum connection.As a result, there is a possibility of penetration of plaque deeper, then there is the hardening and damage the gums and tooth enamel.Thus, the formation of tartar.Treatment and prevention of periodontal disease should be conducted in a timely manner.Symptoms of periodontal disease

Symptoms of periodontal disease include:

  • palely the color appearance of the gums;
  • the absence of external signs of inflammation;
  • appearance of the effect of "lengthening" of the tooth when part of the gum is pulled back exposing the neck of the tooth, and later his roots;
  • no bleeding gums;
  • periodontal disease can be combined with non-carious lesions of teeth character, for example, erosion of enamel, wedge-shaped defects, wear of the tooth.Most periodontal disease is combined with metabolic diseases and cardiovascular system.

Treatment of periodontitis

periodontist may apply conservative methods of treatment of periodontal disease and surgery, depending on what the spread of inflammation.As a rule, if the treatment of the gums will be properly planned, the possible suspension of the process.If a doctor is concluded that there is a constant trauma to the gums defective or incorrectly set the crown seal, the treatment can be completed with the change crowns and fillings.After that it provided conducting anti-inflammatory treatment of gum through a variety of antimicrobial agents, the purpose of restorative treatment.As an important method of treatment of the gums during tooth mobility is their splinting, which should be understood by binding them into a single unit.For this purpose, use a special tape made of glass held together by a light composite.After that, the teeth do not stagger, and can perform normal chewing.

most drastic treatment of the gums, providing a guaranteed result is patchy implementation of operations carried out when the cut tissues surrounding the tooth and removes deep dental plaque and inflammatory granulation accumulated around.Thereafter the gum processed using antibacterial solutions.The incision is sutured, and the process of healing is 1-2 weeks.When periodontitis treatment should be repeated periodically, regularly go and see to the dental clinic, and between visits to observe a certain diet and lifestyle.In this regard, it is important to catch gum disease at the outset, because of this there is significantly greater chance of turning back the disease, if carried out full treatment of the gums.

Prevention of periodontal disease

The best way to prevent the development of periodontal disease is careful oral hygiene, which implies a holding daily tooth brushing with a toothbrush 2 times a day or more, and the use of dental floss to clean interdental spaces 1 timesin a day.Ideally, teeth should be brushed after every meal, including a light snack.In the absence of such a possibility must use chewing gum, sugar-free.The average duration of cleaning teeth with toothbrush and dental floss should be 4-5 minutes.The thread should be used before brushing, so that will be able to remove food particles and germs that are between the teeth.

also important for prevention of periodontitis correct choice of the toothbrush, which should be rounded or polished bristles as coarse bristles may be damaged gums and tooth enamel.The toothbrush must be of such size and shape to each area of ​​the dentition can be purged.In addition, the toothbrush should be replaced every 3-4 months, because during this time the surface coating itself is impregnated with the bacteria, whereby the brush is their source.

Another factor influencing the ability of prevention of periodontitis, a diet in which you need to limit the consumption of snacks containing sugar.Sugary foods should preferably be taken during normal meal.In addition, an important factor in prevention of periodontitis is to restrict smoking as nicotine, which enters the bloodstream tobacco small blood vessels constrict.In particular, it explains why smokers are more likely to experience disease of the arteries of the lower extremities.