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Carpal tunnel syndrome in humans

Under carpal tunnel syndrome should be understood clamping, pinching, or swelling of the nerve, which is controlled by the sensitivity of the palm, index finger, thumb and middle finger hands.Carpal tunnel syndrome in humans is accompanied by characteristic symptoms that make diagnosis of the disease is straightforward.The disease is quite common, especially among women.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome in humans

As a rule, the development of carpal tunnel syndrome occurs gradually.First of all, usually suffers one hand tend which dominates.Over time it joins the second hand, but the dominant hand is much more susceptible compared with the other hand.

At the beginning of the disease the majority of cases complaints on the emergence of numbness in the fingers of his hands in the mornings, which manifests itself immediately after waking.In most cases, this condition is held by noon.

Later, the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome in humans added numbness in all the fingers except the little finger, a

t night, as well as the occurrence of pain, tingling or burning sensation in those fingers.The fingers are sore entirely along its entire length.In some cases, there is the spread of a burning sensation and pain for the rest of the palm up to the elbow and to the wrist.Most of the above symptoms are so pronounced that disturbed sleep sick every night a man wakes up in pain, numbness, or burning in hands in the area of ​​3-4 hours.

over time to the morning and nighttime symptoms start adding "daily complaints" when sick notes the emergence of a strong pain and numbness in the fingers when arms are held for a long time on the weight.Many sick notes the development of "exhausted" and "clumsiness" hand in which a person with difficulty in the fingers holding small objects, for example, a pin, a needle, a pen, and so on. D. Often things begin to fall from the hands involuntarily.

If the median nerve is severely damaged, further to the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is added to a sizeable reduction in the sensitivity of fingers, to the point that there was a complete loss of sensation of pinprick, light touch, and so on. D. In addition, some people note the emergence of variousreactions to the change of ambient temperature, for example, in the cold - when you change the temperature begins to appear in the hands of painful numbness or a burning sensation.In some cases at least of how the disease can change the color of the skin, and hands can start to look a little paler than usual.

Sometimes, because of the strong compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel pain and numbness apply not only to the fingers, and up the arm to the elbow, and in some cases higher, up to the shoulder or neck.

Causes of carpal tunnel syndrome in humans

reason for the development of carpal tunnel syndrome in humans is the impact of the factors leading to a narrowing, swelling or damage to the contents of the channel, so that causes inflammation and "clamping" of the median nerve, impaired sensitivity or blood flow.

Carpal tunnel syndrome often occurs in people who have to work for a long time at the computer.In addition, the emergence of the disease susceptible people of other professions who daily load hands: typist, seamstress, pianist, painters, dentists, art collectors.Because males carpal tunnel syndrome often appears in carvers, carpenters, miners, masons, butchers.

Other reasons contributing to the development of of carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • presence of wrist injuries, fractures or dislocations of the wrist bones of the wrist channel;
  • pregnancy, since during this period the woman is delayed in the body fluid, whereby there is an increase propensity to edema;
  • hormonal contraceptives, causing swelling of the contents of the channel;
  • being overweight;
  • occurrence of hormonal changes in the body after removal of the ovaries;
  • the presence of a genetic predisposition, for example, the "square" of the wrist, the thickened transverse ligament, narrow carpal tunnel "from birth" and so on. Etc .;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • decreased thyroid function;
  • presence of renal failure;
  • development of acromegaly;
  • hypothermia for a long period of time.

addition, carpal tunnel syndrome can act as the first manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis and may also be a consequence of the presence of gouty arthritis or psoriatic.Also, the occurrence of the syndrome may be due to the presence of problems in the cervical spine.

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